Quick Snowshoe trip report
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December 15, 2004
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I was at Snowshoe from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon. It snowed the whole time I was there. At least 10 inches up on the mountain and still snowing when I left yesterday at 2:30. The local weather was calling for 14 inches so they probably got a bit more after my departure. The lower elevations didnt get much at all but it was certainly cold enough. Eleven degrees at the summit on Tuesday morning with a 15 mph wind, snow guns blowing in my face made for a chilly couple days. But it was worth it! First turns of the year on a nice powder/ packed powder surface with some boilerplate at the bottom once the soft stuff got skied off. There were only two top to bottom runs open while I was there, it was a bit disappointing that they didnt open more with all the snowmaking and natural snow but I was grateful for what I got, especially for $85 for two nights lodging and two days skiing. The only gripe of the trip was getting stuck in the snow at the top of the world parking lot, didnt look like the lot was plowed at all over the two days I was there. Luckily someone had a chain in the truck to give me a pull or I might still be sitting there waiting for the Snowshoe security truck...talk about surly! If you have a chance to venture to the Shoe dont pass it up, Im sure theyll have more terrain open for the weekend and these past few days have made up for a slow start. I now have my early season fix and my ski legs back. Hopefully this weather will stick around for a while.

December 15, 2004
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Thanks for the report.

What is your prefered route to Snowshoe from the area?

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