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December 14, 2004
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I was surfing around the internet just seeing if I could come across any pictures for the new webpage and I came across this site. This guy has been taking pictures of many notable locations throughout PA and posting them on his site.

Shot 1 is Seven Springs from the air. I have never seen the resort from this angle and it really puts everything into perspective. If you look behind North face you can see the next mountain it is the one with a grassy peak. This is the direction that the new slopes will look and the lost ski area White Mountain was on this ridge. I believe it is the field that is about halfway up the ridge and directly behind the large snowmaking pond. There is actual some signs of life there. I drove by the base a few weeks ago and someone had put up a hand made sign that said something like White Mountain Back Country Touring Private Club.

Shot 2 is Tussey Mountain in state college

Shot 3 is the PA Grand Canyon

Shot 4 Is the Yough reservoir

Shot 5 is the famous horseshoe curve

To see more shots go to his site
December 14, 2004
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Thanks Shearer, Shot 1 really gets my motor running . Plan to be there Thursday if in fact they're open. Foggy Goggle @11:30?

December 14, 2004
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thanks Shearer.....the shot of 7 Springs is simply awesome. Being a PA native I'll probably spend hours browsing the other shots he has on his site.
December 14, 2004
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I wish I could go skiing there on Thursday. With the amount of snow they are cranking out it will be awesome. Unfortunately I will have the joy of studying for a late Friday final. To make matters worse I got a view of Tussey Mountain from my room up here and they started making snow today. I don't think I have lasted 10 mins yet today without looking out the window. But at least I know I get three weeks after Friday to squeeze in as much quality skiing as possible before the next semester. I even get to spend a week up in Tremblant with the PSU ski club

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