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December 12, 2004
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Hi All,

I've been lurking the site for a month or so, just waiting for the white stuff. Hopefully next week! I'm planning to be at Elk mtn, pa Dec 20th.

I'm from southern NJ, and have only skied in Pa. (Camelback, JF/BB, Blue Mtn, shawnee). I just got back into skiing last year after a 15yr break due to back problems and fear of re-injury . I guess I'm taking a chance but cant help myself. After my first time back on the slopes last year, I was hooked again. I consider myself an advanced beginner/or beginning intermediate if that makes sense. Mostly a green/blue skier and maybe a occasional easy black. Hope to progress this year.

I enjoy the site. Great info and links here. Keep up the good work.

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