Laurel Highlands Winter Setting In
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December 12, 2004
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To whom it may concern,
Here's another mini snow report from the northern end of the Laurel Ridge in PA that may help reveal a little more about conditions here. Like just about all other regions, we had a relapse into warm weather, but now we got more snow than Thanksgiving brought. Latest snowfall total is at 1.3 inches at 2,100 ft 12 miles north of Laurel Mountain. (season total here 2.2 in) It's icy and the temps will hang around freezing today, but the next two days show definite highs in 20s and lows in the teens.

SEVEN SPRINGS- The webcams don't lie, and they look a lot like my yard with grass nearly completely hidden. This has got to be the big snowmaking week for 7Springs and they've got to and will open up by next weekend. As I said, most of the midweek begs for round the clock snowmaking.

HIDDEN VALLEY- Although their marketing is a little non-existant and their site says their slopes still await the 1st snow, lets not forget about 7Springs smaller neighbor. They've got the same oppurtunities, and have a fairly consistant habit of getting something open by the same time 7Springs does, although it's never as extensive.

SPRINGS AT LAUREL MOUNTAIN- This weekend marks tSaLM's open house weekend which is getting a little bit of local buzz for the resort. This is the only resort around here that realistically never planned on opening until next weekend anyway. They can definitely hit their target 18th date if they want to, which I think they do, considering at least one trail was white with snowmaking even last thurs. However, 7Springs opening up at the same time as its new addition is pretty odd.

blue knob- I wont be saying much for this resort because its not on the same mt. ridge as me and the other 3. I know the knob could also open next weekend, but conditions over there are questionable. (PS- I believe the Resort Locator shows Blue Knob just north of L.M. I just noticed that it is significantly off of its actual location which is ENE of L.M. on the major range that Wisp appears to be connected to)
December 13, 2004
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As of now the flakes are still fallin and they're fallin hard. We're up to exactly 3 inches layin here, with likely an inch or so more at elevations higher than 2500 or so. Plus, there's a number of winter storm warnings for tonite for Cambria and Somerset Counties (among others), where the mountainous regions should pick up maybe 4 to 6 inches. Or maybe more/less, its been changed constantly. Anyway, there's the possibility of a massive resort opening frenzy for this weeked with 4 resorts within an hour of here quite possibly opening.
December 13, 2004
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It looks like this year, I'll most likely be making my first turns of the season at either 7-Springs, Hidden Valley or Wisp. Pretty much depends on which one has the better conditions on that day after Christmas. Hell, if time allows, I may even try that rinky-dinky little place there at Nemacolin (which is right on the way to/from Uniontown). The reason is that my younger brother and family lives there in Uniontown, as I'll be visiting them over Christmas. Figure if I am going to be in the the area - might as well get some skiing in up there.

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