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December 10, 2004
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Hello my name is Josh, I am 21 and have been skiing since i was 19. I ski instrut at Hidden Valley currently i am level 1, and will be going for my pre-reqs for level 2 this year.

Besides HV i have skied, springs,laurel,blue knob,wisp,snowshoe,jays peak,mad river glen,stowe, smuggs, and last month i visited Killington for 3 days of early season skiing.

Just saying hi, seems like a great website/forum.
PS i have ski over 100 days in past to seasons so i am not exactually your average ski with 2 years expearince.
December 11, 2004
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Hey Josh welcome to the board. I'm from Pittsburgh too so its good to see another yinzer on the board. LETS GO STILLERS (no that's not a typo that pittsburghese) being stuck up at Penn State over the winter you will usual find me at Tussey Mountain, but I also hope to ski the springs and laurel over winter break. Well anyways welcome to the board.
December 11, 2004
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I thought that was Picksburghese I'm gonna be Picksburghian in a month or so when my security clearance passes. I'm hoping to hit up Laurel alot and The springs some during the week. I've never been to 7springs except for bus filled weekends that were TERRIBLY BUSY. I wanna hit up the infamous Blue Knob a couple times too. Right now I'm hoping that Clear Fork and Mad River in central Ohio open soon so I can do a little carving. Otherwise I'm heading to the local sledding hill this evening to take advantage of all 14' of vert. The grass isn't quite covered yet but I don't care.
January 7, 2005
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Hi, I was poking around here and decided that this would be a good place to introduce myself as I am a 'Burgher also. I am 49, married with 2 skiing daughters 14 and 17. I have been skiing since before I can remember and I have skiied at at least 100 areas around the country as I used to travel a lot for my job. I learned to ski in my Grandmother's back yard (150' vertical!) and at a lot of closed areas (Bear Rocks, Wildwood Highlands, White Mountain, Camp Soles) but these days I prefer 7 Springs and Laurel Mountain during the week. When I was a kid I built snowmakers in my garage while the other kids played baseball. I infected everyone in my Wife's family with the ski bug and taught them all to ski at Boyce Park. I still ski with my Mom and Dad who are both in their mid 70's. I hate weather above 30 degrees and scream at the moron newscasters who tell me rain in January is "better than snow". You can often find me and my family hiking at 7 Springs and Laurel in the summer. I have a great interest in "Lost" ski areas and would love to talk to anyone who skiied the above closed areas.

Hope to see yinze guys aut on the slopes!
January 18, 2005
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Hey "yuns." I lived in the "boig" area back when Franco was king, and the bridge to nowhere was the famous landmark. (ever "chuck a chip?") Anyway, I picked up the snow sport after many near encounters in my past and now am an avid carver with my "home" away from home in the "valley" (WV). My wife and I live in Reva, Va, a bugspot on the road map, and we have a son, age 21, who has been a competitive racer, now turned coach with the C-T Jr. race program (USSA). Perhaps we need to do a ski day sometime in the highlands or even at Wisp.(1/2 way).
January 19, 2005
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Hello yinz fellow Burghers! We're all behind the "Stillers" to win, but does anyone really need a 7lb Football Keilbasa to prove it?


I'm really just learning about skiing. With my knees I'm lucky I can walk. Just thought I'd say hi.
January 20, 2005
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wow thats amazing when the stillers go to the superbowl I should get that for my party.

Here we go Stillers here we go

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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