I am so proud of Rowmark
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Sorry got a little tear-y over this. So many great junior racers that will make the US Ski Team! I really am honored to have trained with founder Olle Larsson and Hilary Lindh. So empowering - this is what is it about... Rowmark Ski Academy  

Gosh me back in the day - feel like I suck so much now. I remember having a convo with Olle about ex US Ski Team folks like Andy Mill and Olle told me he dosen't ski anymore because he is tired of it. I said WHHHaaaat?! How can someone get tired of skiing?! I feel I am the same way now - this season I've lost my drive. I am so sad the thing I devoted my self to just doesn't work anymore.


I found this poetry in an email to a women I very much loved. I feel like this now. I guess I'll not have anything relevent ski-wise to talk about so perhaps this is my last post. Goodbye my friends.


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Great photo and memories, Crush. I certainly remember the name Hilary Lindh from watching downhill ski races on TV. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes to you for what's ahead. 🌱 ☀️ 🍁 ❄️ 


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