Will you be skiing in crud?
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The results are in! Below is list of selected mid-Atlantic ski resorts ranked by the chance that you may be skiing in crud at the midpoint of meteorological winter in the mid-Atlantic. The algorithm includes the following inputs: base elevation, latitude, average annual snowfall based on data from the NWS, and the general orientation of the area's slopes to north. Ranked from top to bottom is Snowshoe (least likely) to The Homestead (most likely). Purchase your tickets wisely! 


Seven Springs

Hidden Valley

Canaan Valley


Blue Knob

Laurel Mountain


Sugar Mountain


Beech Mountain



Liberty Mountain



The Homestead

Denis - DCSki Supporter 
7 months ago
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If you’re a frequent skier you are going to be skiing crud sometimes.  It’s a chance to develop versatility.  Nobody chases it of course.  Often in spring the “magic hour” of perfect corn is followed by 4 hours of crud.  
marzNC - DCSki Supporter 
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Based on annual snowfall in general, Massanutten would not have survived as a ski resort at all.  As with all the ski resorts in NC, what has made the difference is the strength of the snowmaking infrastructure from the start back in the 1960s or 1970s.

Bryce has been around longer than Mnut.  It's in a "cold sink" that means there are times when Bryce can make snow when Mnut can't.  Especially when there is a temperature inversion for the upper mountain at Mnut.

For better snow, drive to WV.  End of story.

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This is a problem 😁 ? When we were at Alta skiing crud in the spring my friend Nicole said "... you like this, don't you, you sh1t?" Recommend Blizzard Bonafides or the old-school Dynastar Inspired by Nobis -  you can pick them up cheap.  

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