Happy Thanksgiving!
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Scott - DCSki Editor
3 months ago (edited 3 months ago)
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Happy Thanksgiving to the entire DCSki community.  The ski season is just around the corner.


snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
3 months ago
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Same to you Scott. Damn - I am going to wear my skis to the dinner table :-)....
3 months ago (edited 3 months ago)
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Nicce! That works! Happy T-Day to you and all! Sacrilegious - I am making a BBQ brisket with napa cabage slaw, sweet potato mash and stuffing/w gravy ... meat and 3 !

---oop edited: making a cheese-y cheddar and asiago bread loaf and skip the stuffing, adding my wicked BBQ sauce and pickled red cabage sub-ing for the cold slaw. Sweet potato mash is out sub-ing cauliflower mash. Hitting everyting with my own "Eric's Insane Global All-in-one" spice blend. For extra heat I'll have The Devil's B**ch hot sauce (when the bottle is finished I am going to get a tatoo of the label).

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