Alpine Touring.. where to start?
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April 14, 2023
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     After a visit to Ascutney this winter, I have been thinking more about looking into getting an Alpine Touring setup to do a little earning of turns and perhaps exploring some lost ski areas (when snow and permission allow) I do not see myself a knee dipper, so I am not looking to get into tele. 

Does anyone know of some good info on AT setups to begin with? 


JimK - DCSki Columnist
April 14, 2023 (edited April 14, 2023)
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For AT equipment Vince has DPS Wailer skis that are 112mm wide, 184cm long, and G3 ion 12 alpine touring bindings for use in Utah.  Not sure what boots he uses.  Light weight equipment is quite important.  Probably something more narrow might be appropriate for WV.
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
April 15, 2023 (edited April 15, 2023)
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You don’t have to learn telemark any more.  Dynafit has all but killed telemark.  Dynafit makes AT bindings as light as 14 ounces per pair.  You don’t see young people taking up tele any more.  It’s all old guys (mostly guys) like me who learned it decades ago.  I still would rather tele in deep soft powder for the unique soul satisfying feel.  But we are a niche demographic.  Cross country downhill, of the kind you see at Whitegrass on rolling terrain, is still alive and it may be the future of free heel skiing.  I hope so.  

Edited to add that the quest to make tele turns as powerful as alpine shares the guilt for putting tele in its present state.  And, I must admit to being one of the guilty ones.
imp - DCSki Supporter 
April 16, 2023
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white grass
April 16, 2023
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if you want to stick with your current gear this worked for me - alpine trekkers

April 27, 2023
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Crush wrote:

if you want to stick with your current gear this worked for me - alpine trekkers

 That looks awesome, but it looks like they are no longer in stock. I found something similar, but for Juniors.

Denis - DCSki Supporter 
April 27, 2023
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If you just want to find out if you might like it, without making a big investment in equipment, just rent or borrow skins and use them on your alpine gear.  Undo your upper boot buckles and loosen the other 2 for comfort on the climb, remove skins, tighten buckles and ski.  It’s about as comfortable as alpine trekkers, i.e. not very but can give you a taste.  I’ve done it and have introduced friends that way.  BTW skiing with buckles undone is an instructors and racers drill for improving centering and balance.

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