Seven Springs Management Hard at Work with Laurel
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November 29, 2004
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As proven by an article in the Johnstown, PA, Tribune-Democrat today, the new management at Laurel is busy getting it geared up for the reopening season. The article is mentioned on, but unless you guys have user accounts with that paper, it's just a preview that's not very helpful that you could see. I'll try to be helpful by highlighting some of the finer points that I found out or knew about the resort. The Springs at Laurel Mountain is scheduled to open for the season on the weekend of Dec. 18. It won't be open on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (except for holidays). Seven Springs has got a good 40+ employees for the new place who are busy completing the steps to pull the place up to Seven Springs standards.
That means they've basically done what they describe the resort will feature on their site,, and they're getting the lodge food service and atmosphere improved, along with testing out resort lighting and groomers. I should mention that the lodge looks mind boggilingly small from the parking lot, and it is a very small but charming place. As a side note, while mountain biking around the area a few weeks ago, I noticed there were 2 fairly old and small groomers along with a huge, new looking pipe cutter down by the maintenance garage. That's likely the equipment they'll have to work on the 8 trails and routes that 7 Springs claims the mountain will offer this year. If people are interested, I'll add some more highlights regarding Laurel Mountain marketing, costomer response, and upcoming events in a short while.
December 11, 2004
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Any recent word if Laurel Mountain will be open by the 18th? The web site seems to be a little less current than that of Seven Springs.

Keep us in the loop about developments at Laurel Mountain. I'll be there hopefully at least once or twice this year.
December 13, 2004
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I talked to a lady at the ski trips office today. They are having 7-8 inches of snow today. She said they are trying to open this Friday.
December 13, 2004
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Sounds great for the opening. Thanks for the info, since their site is still kinda iffy about it. 7-8 in, which is not a hopeful estimate, along with snowmakin these next few days should really ensure a decent opening day.

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