Any chance of demos returning to midatlantic slopes?
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I know Liberty/Roundtop/Etc. used to do "demo days", but I get the impression that COVID pretty much killed them, at least at the places I can drive to easily from NOVA.  Does anyone know if demo days are likely to make a comeback next season?

I'm asking because I have outgrown my current skis, and would love to try before I buy my next pair.  I've spent tons of time watching every video from skiessentials on YouTube, and as much as I enjoy nerding out watching review videos... trying to pick the skis that would spark the most joy is going to be a crapshoot.

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Were there demo days at Liberty, Roundtop, or Whitetail after the purchase by Vail Resorts?  For context, after Mt. Sunapee was bought by VR along with Okemo and Crested Butte, the Ladies Day that included a major demo day organized by the long time local ski shop didn't happen even before the pandemic.

Unfortunately with Freestyle in Charlottesville shutting down after this season, there isn't likely to be a demo day at Massanutten in the future.  Although maybe after the new trails and lift to the peak are completed, a few brands might be enticed to show up for a day.  The demo weekend by Freestyle was just skis that the shop brought.

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Brief thread hijack to note how bummed I am that Freestyle is closing. The guy in charge of the tech side, Duane, is a magician when it comes to ski repair.
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I used to demo at every opportunity and demo days were once common.  After a while I concluded that it’s not necessary.  If you know what type of ski you wAnt; learning, carver, all-mountain, race, fat, etc., there is little difference among manufacturers.  If you need to decide among the above categories that’s perhaps best addressed at a major resort where you can rent for the day.  If experience has given you a favorite brand, stick with it.  IMHO you can’t buy a bad ski anymore if you know what you want among the above categories

Edited to say don’t buy a ski based on the ancient wisdom of height.  Don’t take advice from a sales person who says you should.  The ski doesn’t know how tall you are.  It responds to the bending force put on it in a turn.  That depends on your weight, how aggressively you ski and how tight a turn radius you habitually use.

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11 months ago
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