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November 27, 2004
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Ummm dudez it's 1:30 PM on Sat Oct the 27 and it is pukin' outside :-) !!!! My snow measuring device (my roof) tells me that almost 2" has fallen in the last 1.5 hour and I see big fat "Wasatch" flakes right now. Here at The Canyons I think we'll get aboout 1 foot by tomorrow at 9:00 AM if this keeps up .... me abd my G/F are all set ... you guys gonna come on out soon! Just do it!

PS someone told me my friend Connie Lawn made a recent post but for the life of me I can't find it ... any hints? TY!
November 27, 2004
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Here ya are..Thanks for kick in the stomach snowreport... ...wish we could say the same here!! Top 10 Reasons to Keep Skiing by Jim Kenney
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