Road Conditions this Monday
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RodneyBD - DCSki Supporter
12 days ago
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Hi all, with storm being predicted to wind down Monday afternoon, any guesses as to what kind of shape Corridor H and 48 east of Wardensville will be like at the end of the day?
Laurel Highlands
11 days ago
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With 12-18" in the forecast and wind,  into monday, would say not good to travel.  However, some great skiing to be had if you are in no rush to drive back.  
10 days ago
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Ah wind, 2005 I drove from timberline north to wisp at night in a nice storm. The whiteouts were many from the wind. I made it fine not many on the road.  It would depend on the depth of snow in the roadway. I was driving FWD 4 door. 

key tips: to get uphill, weight, speed, and slope determine optimal speed. too little you stop and slip.

Know about D1, D2, D3 in automatic transmissions.  


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