Anyone have any trips planned?
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November 25, 2004
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I am heading to Colorado in a few weeks for 4 days Haven't decided where yet, either Summit or WInter Park, whichever has better conditions. (they're finally getting some snow this week)

In February we are headed to Steamboat for 9 days.

Anyone else have anything lined up?
November 25, 2004
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Quebec, MSA in January. No other firm plans.
November 26, 2004
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The Canyons, UT at the end of January. It's actually the end of the Sundance festival too (last 2 days) so this should be interesting.
November 26, 2004
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Salt Lake March 8! First trip to UT.
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November 26, 2004
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7 Springs 2-5 Jan, Heavenly/Tahoe 13-19 Mar. By the way they are making snow and covering the slopes of 7 Springs, 26 degrees up there today. . Let's just hope it stays. Anybody heard anything about Wintergreen? (Closest resort to me).

November 26, 2004
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I've got an Adirondack trip planned for the weekend before Christmas. If conditions up there go at least as well as last year, should be a great 2 days of early season skiing at Whiteface. Now I've just gotta get some quality local turns in before I go kill myself up there. Wface is one tough all around mountain, regardless of conditions. At least im stayin at Best Western in middle of Lake Placid (great ski/olympic town) that's got a 3 day prior cancellation policy!

About Wintergreen, I heard they'd likely open next Saturaday and can expect great nighttime snowmaking temps every weekday next week, but that's about as far as my knowledge goes. Do they have/ are they getting a new six-pack highspeed lift down there?
November 26, 2004
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Hi, Yes they have the new Highlands Express Lift (6 pack) which serves the highlands area where their signature trails Wild Turkey and Cliff Hanger are. I usually get a few day trips in to Wintergreen as warm-ups. This express lift will certainly speed things up over the previous 10-15 min ride.

Think Snow
November 26, 2004
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Im going to Mont Tremblant Jan 2-7.
November 26, 2004
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Killington in Dec. Park City area in Jan. Windham for a long weekend sometime in March. Of course can't forget Liberty every weekend except for the above mentioned times.

Then I'm off to go scuba diving in Bali and Wakatobi the end of May (hey.. you asked trips, not specifically what kind). Yes, I do hold a day job down the rest of the time.
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
November 26, 2004
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Jan 12-15: Sugarloaf, ME
Jan 27-Feb 7: Whistler/Blackcomb
Feb 15-Mar 7: Snowshoe
Late Mar: Italian Apls

Possibly Tremblant... No Vermont this year, though...
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 27, 2004
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Timberline (Dec - Jan) -- as many weekends as my schedule will permit.
Slovakia (Feb) -- Ski Jasna in the Carpathian Mountains
Austrian Alps (Feb) -- Schladming and Bad Gastein
Stowe (March)
Maybe Snowshoe and 7 Springs if time permits.
November 27, 2004
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Have you been to Belize for Scuba? I went in June & it is incredible!
November 27, 2004
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Haven't actually been to Belize but have been to that part of the Caribbean, as well as many other areas. In 20 yrs. of diving I've become quite jaded and sadened by the state of the world's reefs. That's why I go as far and away from populated areas as I can get to dive. But, this is for another forum.
November 27, 2004
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Utah, 2/22 - 2/26
Vail/Beaver Creek, Wolf Creek 3/18 - 3/26
And many more that have yet to be decided.
November 28, 2004
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Well, Let's see...

Snowshoe 12/10 - 12/12
Snowshoe 12/26 - 01/02
Snowshoe 1/28 - 02/01
T-Line/Canaan 02/18 - 02/21
Whistler-Blackcomb 03/18 - 03/26

Those are the known ones so far. I'll probably grab some day-trips at Whitetail.

November 28, 2004
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That's an interesting combo of Vail/Beaver Creek followed by Wolf Creek. What gives on that choice?

If you're looking for extra people for a trip to Wolf Creek next season, let me know. I'm jonesing to go there, but the gang I've done group trips with in the past want something with better nightlife, facilities and better accessibility. I've already booked a flight to Utah during that week this year, so this year is out. Dang!

For my trips,
- Bookend trips to Utah (January 15-22 and March 19-26.) I'm not going to be able to work two days during the January week, so I decided to take the whole week off.
- 1-2 days in Vermont just after Xmas
- Maybe a driving trip to Vermont around President's Day
- Got an advantage card at Snowtime, so hopefully plenty of day trips to Whitetail/Liberty/Roundtop
- Need to get at least one weekend at Timberline, Blue Knob/Laurel Mountain and Elk/Plattekill

And supposedly I'll be painting a room per month in my house and playing for two ice hockey teams... At least I have all summer to rest up.
November 28, 2004
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Y'all are making me jealous. Here's hoping this season is one to remeber! Cheers.
November 28, 2004
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Was hoping to hit 7 Springs in Dec, but looks like we'll bump that to the beginning of Jan. A week in Snowshoe at the end of Jan, then a week at Jay & Stowe in Feb. A few day trips to Wintergreen.
November 28, 2004
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Kicking myself for not booking at Heavenly for T-day weekend looks like the coverage was pretty good plus a good dump this weekend. Reno airport is totally backed up and doesn't look to be cleared much before Tuesday! anyhoo:

SnowShoe: Dec 16-20, Jan 13-16, Mar 3-6 (gotta make those season passes pay for themselves)
Utah: Jan 21-26, Feb 12-19, Mar 12-17 (family condo in PC otherwise couldn't afford)
March Utah dates are subject to change depending on coverage. It looks like it just might be that the East Coast winter will linger on well into March. In which case, I would like to try Okemo or Stowe. I've never skied New England .. how are the likes of Stowe or Okemo in mid-March?
Plus every weekend in between day trips to SnowTime resorts or overnights to Wisp, 7S, Camelback etc.
November 28, 2004
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One of my best friends and his wife both live in Avon. They also both work for Vail Assoc. so I go out for a visit at least once per year. While out there we always try to visit Wolf Creek. Thats where my friends like to go to get away from the tourists etc. that accumulate in valley. They have access to a family cabin in Southfork which is about 25 minutes east of Wolf Creek pass. We get the chance to relax and ski an incredible and unspoiled mountain where there is always fresh snow and few people. Last year my girlfriend purchased an intermediate group lesson and ended up with a private lesson because there were no other students.

Chances are excellent that we will be back to Wolf Creek next year as well. We generally go when my girlfriend has spring break from grad school. If youre interested in meeting up out there next year just drop me a line. If youre looking for places to check out in the area there is lodging at Pagosa Springs, theres also restaurants there and maybe even a tiny little bit of nightlife. There is nothing in stoplight and one restaurant, part of the reason we love it so much.

November 29, 2004
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I have to cut down on the trips this year for several reasons.
Tahoe in January
somewhere in FEB
maybe Colorado in March

- Long weekend:
  • Snowshoe
  • Timberline
  • Wisp
  • Seven Springs
    - Day tripper:
  • Whitetail
  • Liberty
  • ScotS244
    November 29, 2004
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    Going a little nutz this season.
    Vermont (Pico/Killington) Dec 30th - Jan 2nd
    Jackson Hole Jan 27th - Feb 1st
    Ogden (Snowbasin, PowMow) Feb 24th - March 1st
    Vermont (Stowe, MRG, S-Bush) Mid March
    Aspen April 5th - April 11th

    As many weekday trips as I can manage away from work to sneak up to Whitetail and Liberty. That about covers it.
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