Snow last night?????
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November 24, 2004
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I walked out on my back deck last night around 11pm. I live in Woodbridge. In the glimmer of my deck light, I saw swirls of possible little tiny snowflakes. I could not see them away from the light or looking at another light. Only in the glimmer of this light.

It was very foggy last night but no rain. I couldn't feel any snow or rain outside, but I could see those teeny tiny flakes.

I did have a couple of drinks last night (only 2 I swear) but I don't think my mind played tricks on me because of alcohol. Now it could play tricks on me because I am a snow junkie and have been craving it pretty bad this fall. And now it's so close I can taste it. So I could have been a tad delirious, but I swear it snowed.
November 24, 2004
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OK, OK I know it's been a long time coming. I think it was WAY too warm to be anything but rain. I've seen very
light mist and the breeze that looked very much like snow
(at least to a Ski junkie like me ). Maybe we'll see
some for real in the next couple of days with this cold
front coming!

November 24, 2004
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I was walking home from work last night, and I could have sworn that I saw snow in the mist-y rain. Althoug, I know it was too warm for anything but rain, it DID look like a bit of snow mixed in.
November 24, 2004
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November 24, 2004
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It wasn't flaking in Wardensville so I know it wasn't in DC :P

But boy wasn't I out there watching my breath and praying for snow.
November 25, 2004
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Even though logically you all make sense, can I still believe? I want to believe. I guess that's why I'm Redskins fan because I still believe there is next year ( for 7 years now)

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