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I’m starting to plan some trips next year and looking at current flight schedules there are very few non stop flights out of the dc area to salt lake. Is this typical, or are full flight schedules not posted at this point?


JimK - DCSki Columnist
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Usually Delta has some non-stops from DCA and/or DIA to SLC.  Just a guess, but maybe because of the pandemic they are not allowing bookings too far in advance?

I've ridden some non-stops in the past.  The Delta flights that leave SLC around 5 PM returning to DCA/DIA are quite popular because they allow for a partial day of skiing before your flight, yet still get you home in time for some sleep and get to work the next day.

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I do non-stops from IAD, DCA, and BWI, mostly Delta, a few times a year. The best flight seems to be the Delta 757 that goes back and forth to DCA, as Jim mentioned.
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Thanks! Google flights showed delta being a bit more expensive than I usually pay for Denver + bags, but I can put an email alert on that flight for now.

southwest posts the next schedule update 9/16… so I’m guessing that may open up some more options from BWI at least

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We fly Southwest from BWI, they historically have 1 nonstop to SLC each way, per day.  It's "just enough" longer and more expensive than DEN to whine about, like the 1st worlders we are.  Until we are booting up at Goldminer's Daughter, that is.  Then all is restored.

SLC is quite a bit smaller market than DEN, thus the price and sked differential.

RodneyBD - DCSki Supporter
one month ago
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You can usually find super cheap airfare from Dulles to Denver on Southwest.  They only fly to Denver, Houston and Chicago plus a few other locations from Dulles.  Unfortunately no SLC direct but easy connection to SLC since there are 8-9 flights a day between SLC and DEN.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
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I have made the RT flight on Delta from various WAS airports (mainly DCA) dozens of times. The 757 is still scheduled for the DCA late afternoon flight. There’s an early morning flight from IAD (737-900) and another late afternoon from BWI (737-900). I often book last minute based on snow and weather. On occasion, I have ended up flying out of BWI because last minute prices tend to be significantly lower there than DCA. This year, I may try to fly the IAD flight in the morning and take the Front Runner train to Ogden, where I typically stay. From there, I would use Uber to stock up on groceries and travel to and from Snowbasin on the UTA bus. The bus is great—drops me off steps from the lift/lodge—and allows me to rest or sleep rather than focus on driving snow covered roads or parking on a powder day. 

Of course, if COVID is still a thing, I’ll probably break down and rent a car, but will still travel by bus on powder days.

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one month ago
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Looks like Southwest will open up their flight schedule on Sept. 16 for the rest on the winter season.  Going all the way through April 24, 2022.  That's better than last year.  I've had to book my return flight in mid-April from SLC in 2021.
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