Did it! Got the Epic pass @ 20% off!
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6 days ago
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We finally pulled the trigger and got the Tahoe Local Pass which give us the usual access to Kirkwood, Northstar and Heavenly plus 5 days at somewhere like PC Utah (planning to visit this coming season) for frikin' $495 each! Dayum ! This shall rule - kule ! Also opted into the thingy that they can just scan your pass at F&B and your credit card gets automatically billed - they had that at Diamond Peak last season and I loved it! Left your wallet at home by accident? No problem! Automatically get your discount and pay in one scan woo hoo!
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3 days ago
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I decided to try out the Indy pass. I’m going to do an old geezer ski bum trip to New Hampshire, Vt., Mass., Maine and NY. Then a trip to ski Powder Mtn and Beaver Mtn in Utah. For $279 I think I’ll get my money’s worth! 
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