Banff Ski Big 3 early bird sale for 2021-22 season
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6 months ago
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I love Banff and it is never too early to plan.  Aware of border closing but we shall be optimistic!  

I saw promo ad on FB from Ski Big 3 and thought I share.  It has good cancellation policy and offers Ikon & MCP pass holder discounts too. One week hotel stay is $600 CDN - $1000 CDN. With the exchange rate, it is a steal.  Need to book by 3/31/2021.

Website will prompt you to select currency: U.S. / Canadian. Select Canadian, U.S. does not work for some reason.

SkiBig3 Early Bird 2021/22 promo link

For reference, I took screen shots for price of 1-wk stay in late Feb/early March 2022.



6 months ago
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Love Banff/Lake Louise in Winter and Summer/Fall.    The two Fairmont properties are just amazing especially if you can get a lake front room/suite at Lake Louise.    Such an easy drive from the Calgary Airport (1.5 hours with no treacherous mountain climbs) to get to Banff which to me is one of the great mountain towns in North America.
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