Alleghany Springs at Snowshoe
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November 17, 2004
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I booked the Thanksgiving package at Snowshoe and upgraded to Alleghany Springs. Has anyone stayed at this lodging that could tell me more about what to expect. I understand that it is very nice. Thanks.
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
November 17, 2004
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I have stayed at Allehany Springs. It is the cream-de-la-cream at Snowshoe....separate checkin desk iinside the building, valet parking, separate pool complex in center of building, large ski locker rooms, wonderful lovvy with computer and internet access, etc.
You will enjoy!
The Colonel
November 18, 2004
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Nice heated pool and hot tub used just for the Springs people. Rooms are nice but hopefully your not going to stay in your room. But it is convenient to everything else.
November 18, 2004
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We have stayed several times at Allegheny and, yes, it is very nice. Probably the classiest accommodations on the hill. But ... beware! Do not get accommodations on the 1st or 2nd floor on the slope side south. You will not sleep for a number of reasons:
Right at that southeast corner is the jump off point for the snowmobile tours of which the 2nd trippers return rather late at night. Those snowmobiles make -lots-of noise!
The snowcats use that corner for their plow dumps and those guys work late into the night.
Ditto, grooming machines late night and early morning (before 6).
On the 1st floor you gets lots of people clumping by in their boots because the -only-- way you can get from the elevators to the ski storage is by tromping down that 1st floor corridor. Who ever planned the location of the ski storage did a lousy job.
Returning at the end of the day, you should plan to ride up BallHooter; if you don't, you have to slog up the hill towards Allegheny, generally against the wind. Not fun when you are tired.
Yes Allegheny does have its own checkin, its own pool complex outside, and valet parking (which you pay for). As far as internet access concerned, all the high end accommodations, including Highland House and Rimfire, have that
We don't find that the accommodations, ie furnishings, bathrooms, kitchens, are that much better than say Highland House and Rimfire. Highland House has the advantage of being much closer to the ski school for kids plus a couple of the 2 bedroom condos have really large bathrooms with washer/dryer (great for damp mitts, socks etc.) and are laid out so that you actually can accommodate 8 people really comfortably. Personally, we prefer Rimfire and always make a point to book there. We love the western view over the mountains in the evening and the indoor parking (for obvious reasons).
As of next season, the crème de la crème will be the new Seneca replacing Allegheny with the best accommodations. Seneca will include everything Allegheny has plus a host of additional facilities and services.
November 18, 2004
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Allegheny is very nice. But Rimfire has similar rooms, underground parking, Starbucks, Western sunset views, two outdoor hot tubs with a western view, etc. for a few bucks less.
November 18, 2004
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I agree w/ DWW about Rimfire. I have stayed at the rooms at the same level as the upper outdoor tub. Nice sunset views. Nice kitchen and awesome great room. Underground garage is nice and convience to haul your stuff to/from your vehicle instead of outside across the road somewhere in the crowded parking lot. If Allegheny Springs is any nicer than Rimfire, then you have nothing to worry about.
November 20, 2004
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My thanks to everyone for the great advice. I will call today to make sure I get a room above the 2nd floor.
November 24, 2004
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I certainly hope you weren't planning on a Skiing Thanksgiving trip up there. It looks like there'll be nothing but wet grass

June 15, 2005
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I own a 2BR at Allegheny Springs... I purchased there for some of the special services (concierge, valet, thermal pool, etc.) and haven't regretted it. We have a unique unit (only 4 like it in Snowshoe) in the clock tower with a panoramic view... partial slope view, partial western mountain view, and a great view of the village activities and fireworks... all without the disadvantages mentioned above regarding the noise of lower slopeside units. (I think the noise affects all slopesides, not just the lower two though it probably is worse on the lower levels).

I also love Rimfire's lodge and western view... very nice... I saw a 2BR on sale there but didn't move quick enough (argh!) just recently. I have heard the elevators are really a choke point at Rimfire, especially on typical arrival/departure days. Rimfire's two hot tubs overlooking the western view is nice but similar to Split Rocks. The thermal pool at Allegheny isn't available at any of the other units, including Seneca, and it is a selling point for us... we actually spend a lot of time there, my kids love it.

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