Winterplace Terrain park - no seriously!
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November 12, 2004
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Winterplace, WV just stepped up

yes, it's about time. but i must inform everyone.

13 new rails and boxes arrived last week, money has been spent, yesterday the boxes were started to get skirted (filling in the sides with wood) nice beginner flat boxes 20 ft long and about 8in wide. a flat down box about 18inches wide, a rainbow box18 inches wide, and a C-box!...rails are rectangle about 4 inch wide, A-frame, short flat, long flat, flat down, battleship.. i'm mising some.

where does all this go?
in a new trail cut just for this jibtastical terrain park!
it's right near where the old "park" was.
next to panorama and glades trails.

it is true, i have seen it with my own eyes. i have spoke to those involved. i helped with skirting the boxes all day yesterday.

this is a good thing.

easy wide boxes for learning and trying out something new. and then rails you can step it up to after you learn the boxes, board - skis all is invited to get wild.

i forgot to mention the crazyest rail yet! nthign like the east has even seen!
a rollercoaster type rail - imagine a rainbow into a reverse rainbow, into another rainbow... so like 2 rainbows connected with a valley - some have called it "twin peaks" - it's 30 ft long.

see you there.

November 14, 2004
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I will be returning to work @ WP this winter... very happy to see the changes.

It is also worth pointing out that WP has finally (gasp) re-done their website and brand image. -- Winterplace - Its your place!

I am glad to see these improvements being made at this resort.

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