Favorite Small Ski Area?
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November 11, 2004
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Ok with the season approaching fast and every one thinking snow I thought it might be fun to see what people's favorite small ski hills are. Everyone has heard great things about the Seven Springs Snowshoes and Whitetails of the Mid-Atlantic, but what about the lesser known areas. It would be interesting to see what other areas in the Mid-Atlantic and the rest of the US people like to ski at. I start this out with my fav small hill.

Tussey Mountain, Boalsburg PA.
All my life I have been looking at this area when visiting Beaver stadium to see PSU play. It's a little dinky hill that claims a very generous 500 vert. Well 3 years ago I finally got up to PSU and was able to ski it. My family and I have always considered it very flat so the first time we finally drove up to the base to take a look we were presently surprised to see it was steeper then it looks from the football stadium. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing there that will challenge an expert skier but it is something to keep a college student entertained for a few hours. The main reason why I like this place so much is for the price. At first glance of the website it seams really pricey. But after looking a little deeper I found that it is actual very cheep. The have all kinds of deals such as every Thursday lift ticket is 10 bucks. Most of the other days the lift tickets are either buy on get on free or half off so that comes about to be about 12 bucks. On top of that they usual send out coupons with a buy on get one free ticket. So needless to say I have never spent more then 12 dollars to ski Tussey. The mountain it self isn't very special there is basically 4 ways down. One black, two Blue, and one Green. There is also a second black that they never make snow on. When you're skiing it is pretty much a college atmosphere. If it weren't for PSU being right next to it this place would never survive. The nice part about this is you get to see the same people a lot and make some nice friends. Almost everybody does the nite season there. Everyday of the week there is a short 5 min lift line between the hours of 6 and 9. Any other time and Tussey seams like a ghost town.
I have taken a few pictures of Tussey while skiing there. This is the last set of pictures I had hinted at in an earlier post. So check them out

Also here is the webpage for Tussey
November 11, 2004
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I like Appalachian Ski Mountain. It's fairly small with 9 slopes and 5 lifts. It offers about 850 vert. feet and is great for a nice friday evening outing with friends or family. One of the good NC resorts...

November 12, 2004
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after years of being too poor to ski i back in the habit after a visit to this ski area out in wyoming:


sleeping giant doesnt even appear to have its own website. the owner runs the lifts and grooms the slopes as well. my first time there was right after a powder dump. only one run was groomed, but the t-bar to the "summit" was running. every run that day was in foot deep powder. after several spills i had to dig around in the snow looking for lost skis.

sleeping giant isnt really worth a trip on its own, but if you ever find yourself in cody, wyoming in winter dont miss it.

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