Looks Like A-Basin Will Not Be Open in October
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for the first time that I can remember.

When I looked at webcams Monday morning I thought it strange that even though it was 4 degrees, they were not blowing snow. Now I know why: lack of water for snowmaking - courtesy the summer drought.

The good new is that the area got 10 inches on Monday, and then it got warm - increasing the stream flow from which it gets snow making water. So maybe better snowmaking is in their future.


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A-Basin is still not blowing snow

Keystone is set to open in a week and it has been blowing snow. The top of Dercum Mountain looks like it has plenty of coverage. Keystone has to make snow on 1600 feet of vert down to the Montezuma lift base in order to open. Cams don't show  if there's been much progress to do that.

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A-Basin's base web cam has been inoperative since about day 3 of the season. In those three days it always showed a non socially distanced mob waiting to get on the lift.

The basin says the cam is broken. I wonder if the real reason is that it got criticism for what I mentioned in paragraph 1, or if the thing really has been broken for weeks. All of the other webcams are working.

I've not found a base webcam operational at any ski area.

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