Niehues is painting MRG in 2020
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4 months ago
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There is a 30-day Kickstarter to help cover the commission cost for James Niehues to paint Mad River Glen. He started work back in June. As of Sept. 3, the total pledges are already well past the target amount. Backers can choose between different versions of the finished trail map painting. Any extra money will benefit MRG via the non-profit Stark Mountain Foundation.  Open Road Ski Company is the company that was formed to create the book of Neihues trail map paintings a few years ago.

Project Timeline

February 2020: Mad River Glen, Stark Mountain Foundation, James Niehues and Open Road Ski Company discuss the need for a new trail map

June 2020: Open Road Ski Company provides seed funding for Niehues to begin work

September 2020: Kickstarter Campaign

October 2020: Niehues completes painting of Mad River Glen

November 2020: Delivery of Art Prints begins

January 2021: Open Road Ski Company donates Niehues' map and campaign profits to Stark Mountain Foundation in support of Mad River Glen

Denis - DCSki Supporter
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Thanks.  I'll be getting one.  I bought a share in 1996.  Still have it.  

4 months ago
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Crap, now his book is outdated.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
4 months ago
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Obviously lots of supporters of MRG and Niehues.  Almost 200 people have already pledged over $75,000.  

Remember, all proceeds beyond Neihues commission goes to the Stark Mountain Foundation. That's the non-profit that does fundraising campaigns to support major projects for Mad River Glen. Construction and renovation of two core base buildings went on all summer and should be completed this fall. The fundraising effort came up with several million dollars over several years before work could move forward. Deferred maintenance over 30 years made the project imperative for the future of MRG.  Still not quite enough money for all the planned projects though.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
3 months ago
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The MRG trail painting is done!

The MRG Kickstarter raised over $120,000.  After Neihues fee, the rest is going to the non-profit that supports MRG major projects. There will be trail maps printed and trail signs made using that money.

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