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What’s New for 2006: Snowshoe Mountain Resort 2
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

A third high-speed quad will begin running this winter at West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain Resort, replacing the older Widowmaker lift and reducing ride time from more than nine minutes to less than three. Uphill capacity at Widowmaker will increase to 2,400 skiers per hour. Snowshoe hints that the new lift will also serve as a gateway to possible terrain expansion in the southern part of Snowshoe in the future.

The new Soaring Eagle Express lift will deposit skiers and boarders at the mountaintop Soaring Eagle Lodge, a new facility featuring 140 homes and retail space including two restaurants. One of the new restaurants, Ember, will feature gourmet fare.

The Comedy Cellar will be returning to Snowshoe this winter, along with Auntie Pastas and the Hootenanny’s restaurants.

Snowshoe’s adaptive program, The Challenged Athletes of West Virginia, will be partnering with the Wounded Warrior Sports Project of Disabled Sports USA to provide recreational opportunities for severely wounded service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Construction of the new Soaring Eagle Express this past June. Photo provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.
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DCSki Reader
October 8, 2006
Snowshoe is really the only ski resort in WV putting money into the skiing part of the business. They are replacing a lift that takes nine minutes to get to the top with one that does it in three. At some resorts in WV that nine minute lift would be considered fast! Timberline should buy Snowshoe's old WidowMaker lift, the one that took nine minutes to get to the top. That's about half the time it takes Timberline's old piece of s& lifts to get to the top :o
October 8, 2006
Yeah, half the time as Timberlines but remember, Timberline is twice the vert of the old widowmaker lift. Oh, and didn't Timberline just add a trail last year?

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