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Wisp Announces New Outdoors Program

The ski season ended at Maryland’s Wisp Resort on April 2, but the resort is quickly launching into spring with a new outdoors program.

The resort is in the process of adding an 18-hole Disc Golf Course that begins at the top of Marsh Mountain and meanders its way down. Half of the holes are now ready for play. Downhill and cross-country mountain biking and mountain boarding will also be offered. Wisp has created a new Free Ride Mountainbike Park, with both natural and man-made elements.

Wisp has moved its Paintball Course to the base of the mountain. Skateboarders, freestyle bike riders, and rollerbladers will also be able to spread their wings in Wisp’s 20,000 square foot Skate Park.

Kayakers will be able to receive tips on nlaunch locations from Wisp Outdoors staff. According to the resort, the Kayak Express will transport single and double kayaks to area accommodations for multi-day and week-long rentals. Rentals will include a personal flotation device and 30-minute beginner lesson.

The Wisp Outdoors Team will also be able to recommend nearby vendors offering guided rock climbing, whitewater rafting, waterskiing, and wakeboarding.

Wisp has added a Nature Program to provide an educational and entertaining look at flora and fauna in the region along with local history. Wisp will also offer all-inclusive day and overnight programs for kids.

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Whitewater Season Begins in West Virginia

Skiers and snowboarders don’t need to be depressed with the arrival of spring; melting snow opens up new recreational opportunities, such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. The whitewater rafting season began in March in West Virginia. Popular river choices in West Virginia include the New River, the Gauley, the Cheat, and the Tygart. The Media Center’s Joe Stevens reports that there are “very good spring flows” this year. For more information on rafting in West Virginia, visit or

Rafting on West Virginia’s New River in late March. Photo provided by Joe Stevens / The Media Center.

Summer Skiing Opportunities in the South (Way South)

Of course, if you really are bitter that the ski season has ended, there’s always somewhere in the world where you can snow ski. And as summer approaches, that “somewhere” moves to the southern hemisphere.

South America Snow Sesssions (SASS) organizes ski camps in July, August, and September to the heart of the Andes mountain range in Argentina. According to SASS Director John Wilbur, the program includes transportation, Spanish language classes, ski/snowboarding coaching, and even a dunk in the local hot springs.

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Reader Comments

April 17, 2006
If anyone rode Snowshoe's parks this past year, you noticed a huge change in the right direction. Though this Holday weekend I ran into their now old Park Manager Business B and he said he has quit because they don't feel like park is their market and won't build things the way they where this past year. I didn't push him too much for details because he was obviousely tired of talking about it. What I want to know is who are these people that make decisions without stepping onto the hill. Snowshoe parks where packed every time I was there this season, and common sense should say build more not less. Being a local at Snowshoe for over ten years this really pisses me off, so I'm just letting everyone know. Parks are the future and any report you read on the future of the ski industry says so. So why is Snowshoe ignoring this? My only answer can be the new GM, that seems to be the answer I get from all of my riding buddies that said they won't be back next year. Oh yeah it's not just one person who quit it's 95% of the park guys and 75% of ski school. Thanks for killing the scene Shoe. What the @!
April 22, 2006
O.K. let's clear up a few things from the other statement about Snowshoe's parks. First of all B has left Snowshoe to go to grad school at WVU. Secondly you always have a huge turnover rate each year in park and ski school employees. The core people will basically still be at Snowshoe. Finally, yes Snowshoe's parks are always packed but that is half the problem. 75% of the people in there don't belong. People in the South East don't understand the difference between skiing/snowboarding recreation and sport. Of course a lot of people in there just want to watch, but most of the time these people are in the way. If you stay out of the way you'll see way cooler stuff. Basically everyone who enters a park has the responsiblity to educate themselves on park safety.
May 14, 2006
Just to give evryone a heads up I heard Snowshoe will be doing a rail jam Fri. May 26th on the tubing hill at Silver Creek. I would check with them as they are waiting until this week to announce it, because of weather.
May 19, 2006
Sorry guys no rail jam.

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