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Attiva Outdoors Begins Ski Shuttle Service 2
By Brad and Lori Kenemuth, Guest Authors

Editor’s Note: From time to time, DCSki will invite new ski-related businesses in the area to introduce their services in their own words. DCSki is not paid to run these stories, and we will only run a story if we determine it has news value to the DCSki readership. Below, the founders of Attiva Outdoors describe a new ski shuttle that will provide service from the D.C. metro area to the slopes of Whitetail.

Newsflash - Winter is here and so is the snow. Is your car ready to fight the elements or does it even need to be? This year Attiva Outdoors is running shuttle buses from the DC metropolitan area to the local ski mountains so that you do not have to drive any more. Is there any better way to travel than having someone else doing the driving while you sit back, relax, watch movies, and eat/drink (non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase on the bus)?

Lori and I founded Attiva Outdoors because of our own passion for skiing. Out west these types of shuttle buses are available in all ski towns. Even on the east coast, you can find ski buses in Boston and New York. Okay, so Washington, DC is maybe not a true “ski town,” but we do have mountains that are within easy reach for a day trip and lots of people who love the sport. We hope that Attiva Outdoors will be a convenient and economical way for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts to get to the mountains.

For the month of January, Attiva Outdoors plans to run one route to Whitetail Ski Resort, with three pick-up locations: Foggy Bottom Metro (in DC), McLean Government Center (near Tyson’s Corner), and Montgomery Mall (in Bethesda). The buses will run each Saturday. The cost is $24.99 for roundtrip bus transportation. In addition, discounted packages are available which include any combination of lift tickets, rental, and lessons. You can save up to $22 off the ticket prices at the mountain. Attiva Outdoors also offers group discounts to parties of 15 or more - for more details on this, please e-mail Brad (brad.kenemuth@attivaoutdoors.com).

Attiva Outdoors continues to be a work in progress. We appreciate any feedback that will make the ski/snowboard trips more convenient and enjoyable for our customers, and have already received a number of recommendations (e.g., pick-up locations, mountain destinations and pick-up times). Be assured that none of these are being ignored and those that cannot be implemented immediately continue to be possible options for future expansion. As it stands, so long as there is demand, Attiva Outdoors plans to expand its service to include trips to Liberty Ski Mountain and Sunday shuttles. Please, the more you ride with Attiva Outdoors, the more variety Attiva Outdoors can provide to you!

Attiva Outdoors is looking at continuing its shuttle bus year-round. We are currently running a poll on our website so that you can vote for the other activities you want to participate in during the winter off-season. Check us out at www.attivaoutdoors.com for more information, and please create a login so that we can keep you informed as Attiva Outdoors continue to grow.

About the Author

Brad and Lori Kenemuth are the founders of Attiva Outdoors.

Reader Comments

January 25, 2008
I am in the US for just one year and I don't have a car, but I would love to be able to go skiing. The website of attiva outdoors does not seem to be working. Have you heard of any other shuttles?
January 25, 2008

Unfortunately, Attiva Outdoors is no longer in business. I am not aware of any shuttles to ski areas from the Baltimore/D.C. region at this time. The best option is to try to carpool to the slopes.

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