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Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Terrain park enthusiasts will find that Snowshoe has been “supersized” this winter season. (See sidebar, below.) Seven trails at the Silver Creek area of Snowshoe will now include terrain park features to entertain freeskiers and riders. The Mountaineer Terrain Park at Silver Creek will include a 400-foot long halfpipe. Beginner trails at Silver Creek, such as the popular Cubb Run, will not include terrain features.

The main Snowshoe area will also see terrain park improvements. The Spruce Glades Pro Park, located near the Ballhooter lift, will include advanced features and require a special pass to enter. To obtain the pass, skiers and riders must watch a 15-minute safety video.

Terrain gardens at the Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas will provide smaller features for the hesitant freeskiers and riders.

One of the largest additions to Snowshoe this season has little to do with skiing, but a lot to do with filling those hours after the slopes close each evening. The new “Big Top” facility will include an arcade area with 75 to 100 video games, table games, billiards, and a video cafe. The 15,400 square foot structure will provide weatherproof event and activity space. Snowshoe plans to utilize the space to sponsor events such as dance parties, karaoke, ping pong tournaments and dinner theaters.

A new 2,800 square foot log and timber frame building at the Silver Creek area will open this winter, providing space for the Challenged Athletes of West Virginia’s (CAWV) adaptive sports program. CAWV provides outdoor recreation opportunities for disabled children and adults.

“We assisted over 400 clients last year and expect that total to double within the next couple of years,” said Dave Begg, Executive Director of CAWV.

Next to the Skidder Slope, a new 11,000 square foot rental shop is scheduled to open in December, 2005, stocking over 3,700 skis, 1,000 snowboards, and 5,000 boots. The facility will be located in the new Expedition Station lodging facility.

Snowshoe will continue to offer activities such as snowmobile tours in its Outdoor Adventure Program. This season, guests will also be able to sign up for daily Snowcat tours, which will begin at 5:15 p.m. The tours will provide a backstage view of Snowshoe’s snowmaking and grooming operations.

Snowshoe plans to open for the season on November 23, 2005.

Terrain park enthusiasts will find reason to leap for joy at Snowshoe this winter.

A look at some of the new features, provided by Bruce Persinger, Snowshoe Mountain’s Terrain Park Manager.

Snowshoe Terrain Garden

A beginner terrain park with entry level features.

  • Battleship Rail
  • Fun Box (two-foot wide rail covered in plastic)
  • Small aerial snow features
Snowshoe Pro Park
More advanced features for freeskiers and riders.
  • Spruce Glades Pro Park, a professional level terrain park requiring a special pass
  • Large Tabletops (jumps ranging from 35 feet to 50 feet in distance)
  • Large Rainbow Box (10-foot tall, 20-foot long rainbow rail with 2-foot wide plastic on top)
  • Various Hand Rails (from 10- to 50-feet in length and 4- to 15-feet in height, mostly gap rails)
  • Wallride (a 12-foot wide, 8-foot tall wall covered in plastic)
Silver Creek Halfpipe
Located on the Mountaineer slope, the pipe will be 400 feet long with 12-foot high walls in the shape of half a drainage pipe.
Silver Creek Terrain Garden
Will provide an introduction to riding rails and getting air.
  • Beginner Rails (5-10 feet in length and 2-4 feet high)
  • Beginner Fun Box (2-foot wide, 10-foot long rail covered with plastic)
  • Beginner Aerial Features
Skier/Boardercross Course at Silver Creek
A race course on Slaymaker and Spur, similar to a motocross course where athletes go around gates and over berms and rollers.
Super Park at Silver Creek
The placement of one to four terrain park features on the wide and flat parts of Timberjack, Mountaineer, Cascade, Fox Chase, Laurel Run, Bear Claw, and Buck Saw trails.
  • Medium Size Aerial Features (Spines, Hips, and Tabletops)
  • Medium Size Rails and Boxes (Ride on Rails and Gap Rails)
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i like to freak out squares man
September 25, 2005
Its about time they blew up the terrain parks at snowshoe. This is totally awesome news, im super stoked bros!! I cant wait to shralp some gnarly rails and get extreme maxed out airtime on some mondo huge jumps. Im sending out mad props to snowshoe for trying to progess freestyle skiing and snowboarding in the mid-atlantic, we really need these improvements to progress to the next level of shreddome.Yo check this out,me and my crew will be up in thur all the time son, pushing the limits and taking to the next level of extremeness. I'll see you fools in the park, holla back youngins.

P.S. me and my buddys will line up in front of the jumps and stand there and block the whole run. Just kidding, lighting up geezers

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