New Owner of Ski Chalet Addresses Mid-Atlantic Skiers and Boarders 6
By Barry Goldware, Founder & President, Sun & Ski Sports

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, August 16, 2005, Ski Chalet was purchased by Sun & Ski Sports, a company based in Texas that operates 15 stores across the country.

Founded by Wilbur McBay in 1969, Ski Chalet grew to five locations throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Wilbur McBay passed away on September 27, 2004, and uncertainty about the future of Ski Chalet persisted over the past few months.

The Ski Chalet locations in Tysons Corner and Richmond have closed, but the purchase of the Ski Chalet chain by Sun & Ski Sports ensures that the locations in Arlington, Chantilly, and Shady Grove will remain open.

DCSki invited Barry Goldware, the Founder and President of Sun & Ski Sports, to contribute the following letter addressing Mid-Atlantic winter sports enthusiasts.

Dear DC Area Ski Enthusiasts,

I am very excited to announce that Ski Chalet has been purchased and will be open to serve the DC area ski consumers this ski season. The three existing stores have been purchased by Sun & Ski Sports, a specialty sports retail chain, whose principle business, like Ski Chalet, has been snow sports for the last 25 years. The brands, the customer service, and the ski shop services will be of the same high quality as The Ski Chalet has provided consumers in the DC area for the last 36 years under the stewardship of founder Wilbur McBay. These guiding principles include a great selection of the world’s finest ski and snowboard brands, outstanding customer service, and fair prices.

We are so fortunate to have retained Ski Chalet’s great staff of true ski enthusiasts who provide you a superior shopping experience. We look forward to welcoming each and every customer to our stores.

The First Big Event will be the 21st Annual Dilly in Chantilly, Gigantic Warehouse Blowout Sale - Friday thru Monday, September 16th thru 19th, at our Chantilly location, 14130 Sullyfield Circle - 703-631-7880. Other DC store locations include Ski Chalet of Arlington at 2704 Columbia Pike - 703-521-1700 and Ski Chalet of Shady Grove at 203 Muddy Branch Road - 301-948-5200.


Barry Goldware
Founder & President
Sun & Ski Sports

About the Author

Barry Goldware is the Founder and President of Sun & Ski Sports, a chain of 15 retail stores across the country focusing on skiing (snow and water), bicycling, skating, running, and camping.

Reader Comments

August 18, 2005
Guest column? How about "free advertisement". There is no new information here.

Of course, DCSki gotta do what DCSki gotta do to pay the bills!
M. Scott Smith
August 18, 2005

I invited Barry to address a letter to DCSki readers because the status of Ski Chalet has been the topic of much discussion on DCSki over the past few months. There have been many rumors but not much fact. Barry's letter confirms that Ski Chalet was purchased by Sun & Ski Sports, that three of five Ski Chalet locations will continue in operation with the retention of existing Ski Chalet staff, and that the Dilly in Chantilly event will be held in September. Those three facts were up in the air until yesterday.

Ski Chalet didn't pay DCSki anything to publish this letter. In my judgment a letter directly from the President of the company purchasing Ski Chalet was newsworthy in light of the recent uncertainty surrounding the status of Ski Chalet. The purchase of Ski Chalet represents a transition point for a retail chain that has a rich history with many mid-Atlantic skiers and boarders.
August 22, 2005
Scott - thank you for publishing the letter. I, for one, did not know what was going on beyond some of the discussion on the DCSki boards - and much of that is often speculation. At the very least, sources are difficult to check. As an avid DCSki fan and contributor, I applaud your efforts and thank you for this site.

ps: how do we find out what happened to the service folks from the Ski Chalet Tyson's store? One ski tuner there was the best and I want to continue to take my skis to him for tuning. Perhaps you can inquire with your connections?
August 25, 2005
The line about Barry retaining "Ski Chalets great staff" is not true. Many longtime staff have chosen not to work for Sun & Ski.
September 15, 2005
FYI, Peter Glenn Ski & Sports has secured the space formerly occupied by Ski Chalet. They are planning for an early to mid October opening.
Golan Sassoon
June 17, 2009
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