What’s New for 2005: Whitetail Resort 5
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Pennsylvania’s Whitetail Resort is investing $2 million this summer to expand its rental shop. The expansion is doubling the size of the existing rental building by adding 12,500 square feet of space. Whitetail reports that this will make its the largest rental building of its kind on the east coast.

The Ski School and Private Lessons desk will be relocated to the new rental building, and additional public restrooms will be added there, as well.

Whitetail reports that the building will be state of the art and provide for a smooth traffic flow, with guests quickly checking in and receiving their rental equipment. 3,000 all-new shaped skis, boots, and bindings are being added to the rental inventory, to supplement over 700 snowboards and boots. There will be expanded boot fitting areas and teching stations.

Construction on the building began in late spring, and it is expected to open for the 2005-2006 winter season.

Whitetail’s Ski Rental Building Undergoes and Expansion. Photo provided by Whitetail Resort.
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dc ski reader 2
July 28, 2005
too bad they can't spend money making a higher mountain or more trails. Better yet lower prices for food ($7 for a ham and cheese sand.)and lift tickets prices. It's worth the extra drive to Wisp, WVA or 7springs! (Whitetail's strategy is that they are close to Balt/DC so anything goes (starbucks at 7springs is regular starbucks prices, starbucks at Whitetail is more than 50% more!) Last time I took my daughter to Whitetail the snow blowing machines were aimed at the riders on the lift. Next day to 7springs and much better snow!
DCSki Reader
July 28, 2005
Higher mountain? Wisp has 610 vertical feet, while Seven Springs has 750 vertical feet. Whitetail is 935 vertical feet. No one's forcing you to buy Starbucks coffee at Whitetail. Grab a cup of coffee at the McDonalds in Clear Spring, or splurge with the money you'll save on gas.
July 28, 2005
I agree that expensive food is probably offset by gas savings. Whitetail is the best of the "Close 3" (Liberty, Roundtop, Whitetail); however, I don't care what the vertical is, the horizontal is important as well as snow conditions. I respectfully submit that anyone who has skied Wisp, Seven Springs and Whitetail knows that the former two are overall superior to Whitetail and you don't get board with the slope after a day!
August 4, 2005
WEll, I have found that the added time it takes to get to Blue KNob as oppised to WT from Baltimore is well worth it - much better terrain, cheaper (offset by gas, true), and the added travel time is more than made up for by shorter lines.... I'd rather be sitting in my car than in an epic WT lift line with a bunch of... well to be diplomatic I will just say "diplomats kids".
December 23, 2005
I'm searching for discount prices for snow tubing for myself, my daughter and 2 or 3 of her friends (ages 12-14). We live in the DC/MD area so MD,VA,WVA,PA are the best areas for us.Please contact me at WootenWrig@AOL.com by 12/24/05.
Also, last year I read about programs for straight"A" or honor roll students who upon pre-
senting their report cards would receive free skiing or snow tubing?or discount? I can't remember.

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