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Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor
90 teams participated in the second annual Snowshoe24 24-hour race this past weekend.
Participants begin a 24-hour race at Snowshoe. 90 teams participated in the second annual Snowshoe24 24-hour race this past weekend. Photo provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

The vernal equinox (otherwise known as Spring) officially arrived on Sunday, March 20, 2005. Does that mean the ski season is over for the mid-Atlantic region? Not at all. Although resorts have begun to close, good skiing and riding will be on hand through April 10.

West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain Resort has announced plans to keep its season going through Sunday, April 10. As of Thursday, March 24, Snowshoe has a base depth ranging from 54-74 inches with spring conditions. 39 trails are open at the main Snowshoe area and the Western Territory. (The Silver Creek area has closed for the season.) Snowshoe received 69 inches of fresh snow in March, setting up the slopes with a healthy base to last into April. To sweeten the deal, Snowshoe is offering numerous ways to save money. If you have a season pass at any resort in the region, you can show the pass at Snowshoe and receive free lift tickets when booking two nights of lodging. (The free tickets are for the passholders only.) Late-season lodging rates are also available.

Although Snowshoe might be the last to pull the plug on the season, there’s still plenty of options for skiing through Easter weekend.

Virginia’s Massanutten Resort temporarily closed on March 20, but is planning an encore by reopening for March 25-27. Pennsylvania’s Ski Roundtop also closed for a couple days early this week, but re-opened today. Roundtop plans to remain open through 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 26.

Over at Seven Springs, the slopes will remain open through the Easter Weekend, closing Monday, March 28 at 6 p.m. But Seven Springs plans to re-open for one last weekend April 2-3.

North Carolina’s Sugar Mountain Resort has 19 trails open right now, and is planning its first-ever Easter egg hunt on the slopes for Sunday, March 27. Hundreds of fun-filled plastic eggs will be spread over the lower portion of the Lower Flying Mile slope, and one “golden egg” will contain a 2005-2006 season pass. For more information on the event, call 800-784-2768.

Maryland’s Wisp Resort will be open through March 28.

Timberline Resort has tentative plans to remain open through April 3, while nearby Canaan Valley Resort will remain open through March 27.

In the Poconos, both Blue Mountain and Camelback will be open through March 26.

Many other resorts are open. DCSki recommends calling your favorite resort to verify operating conditions before making a trip.

Depressed that the ski season is nearing an end? There’s always the option to switch hemispheres. Winter is on the way in the southern hemisphere, and good skiing can be found in countries such as Argentina. South America Snow Sesssions (www.sasnowsessions.com) will be offering skiing and snowboarding camps in South America this summer.

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Lars Cox
March 25, 2005
Did anyone get to ride Silver Creek before it closed. They turned the whole place into a park, Sick. I was there the last weekend when all the races where going on, but I heard it was better before they had to tear some stuff down for that.
Just wondered if anyone knew what all they had, and if they are going to do this again next year?
Mike Graves
March 25, 2005
I was at Silver Creek last Wed. through Sun. and it was awesome. There was the park stuff that was there through the weekend, plus a boardercross course and a few rails and a hip I noticed that had been tore down for the races. I was surprised to see all that stuff, it is nice to see Snowshoe trying to get a foot ahead of the competition with what's going on in the industry. Though watch out for griping old skiers that can't handle Snowshoe, and are looking for any reason to bitch at someone on a lift. Snowshoe is the closest thing we have to out west, if you can't handle it go to Winterplace or Canaan or something. Don't be mad because Snowshoe is trying to raise the level of skiing/snowboarding around here.
DC shredder
March 26, 2005
I was at Snowshoe last weekend and The Wisp this weekend, and they both have it going on with their parks. I heard WinterGreen is supposed to build the biggest park in the East next weekend. Though it's only going to be on one trail. Are they going to build huge stuff or what? It will probably be pretty lame, those guys down there always think their good because they can do frontside rail slides on boxes. Try doing a rodeo or a seven or something before you get an ego.

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