What’s New for 2004: Snowshoe Mountain Resort 11
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Over the past year, West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain Resort has invested more than six million dollars in capital improvements. Snowshoe’s water and sewer infrastructure was upgraded over the summer, and snowmaking has been enhanced with extra guns and pipes. The newly-upgraded snowmaking system is capable of covering an area equal to five football fields with one foot of snow in an hour when running at top capacity.

Taking advantage of that snow, Snowshoe’s Ski and Snowboard School is introducing a VIP Program this year, providing VIP students with access to one of Snowshoe’s top instructors every weekend and any holiday period for the duration of the season.

Snowboarders and daring skiers will find beefed-up terrain park offerings this year. Two terrain parks will be offered, along with a new area dedicated to beginning, low impact rail riding for beginners. The new Terrain Garden will be located on the Lower Spruce Glades slope. Snowshoe will also continue to offer a 450-foot long all-snow halfpipe.

Snowshoe’s mountaintop village continues to evolve and improve. A new walking trail will connect all of the lodging facilities on Snowshoe Mountain’s basin side, running from Camp 4 to the Top of the World accommodations.

Snowshoe’s newest lodging facility, the Seneca, is scheduled to open in early 2005, adding to the mountaintop Village at Snowshoe. Adjacent to the Seneca, the new Junior Brigham Center is also scheduled to open in early 2005. This Center will become the permanent location for Snowshoe’s Outdoor Adventure Program.

Speaking of the Outdoor Adventure Program, Snowshoe plans to offer some new activities for the adventurous this winter season. Through a partnership with Adventurous Seasonal Pursuits, Snowshoe will offer half-, full-, or two-day guided trips into the neighboring Monongahela National Forest. Instructional winter camping and touring workshops covering mountain orienteering will be available, with food and transportation provided by the resort. Cross country skis, snowshoes, and advance camping equipmkent rentals will be available through the Outdoor Adventure Program. The Monongahela National Forest covers 909,000 acres and spans ten West Virginia counties.

The Sunrise Backcountry Hut will double the available seating space for dining while providing a full menu and bar. Guests reach the Sunrise Backcountry Hut via a snowmobile or snowcat ride. Guests can stay for dinner or even spend the night, receiving a gourmet dinner and breakfast.

“The ride to the Sunrise Backcountry Hut, in itself, it better than any other trip you’ll take to any other restaurant anywhere,” says Hut Master Ben Brannon. “The Cheat Mountain Ridge Trail offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains and when you arrive at the Hut you’ll be treated to a dinner that rivals the scenery.”

For those not willing to make the scenic trek to the Sunrise Backcountry Hut, Snowshoe now offers a Starbucks Coffee located in the Village at Snowshoe. This is one of only a few locations of Starbucks within the state of West Virginia.

The Village Bistro is a new restaurant that debuted at Snowshoe this past spring, located within the Allegheny Springs lodging complex. Daily blue plate specials and a large bar area are offered.

The Boathouse, a small restaurant located on the banks of Shaver’s Lake by the base of the Ballhooter high-speed quad, will offer a Surf and Turf-style dinner menu for the first time this year.

Prior to Easter 2005, Snowshoe plans to open the Saint Bernards Chapel, located near Wildcat Privisions. According to the resort, Saint Bernards will seat a total of 214 worshippers and offer two weekly services, a traditional Roman Catholic Service and a Protestant service.

New log cabin-style townhomes are being built by a third party developer near the Widowmaker Lift and Trail System. Finally, Snowshoe Drive is being widened in sections.

“These are the kind of improvements that will only build on the one-of-a-kind ski and snowboard experiences we offer here at Snowshoe Mountain Resort,” said Bruce Pittet, Vice President and General Manager of the resort. “It is our constant goal to give our guests a reason to visit over and over again while, at the same time, bringing new people to Pocahontas County, West Virginia,” he added.

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M. Scott Smith is the founder and Editor of DCSki. Scott loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. He is an avid photographer and writer.

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Reader Comments

Matt ace
October 13, 2004
Hi I love snow boarding not as much as I like pink
matt ace
October 13, 2004
I love love love love love love love love snow boarding so much! Please keep it open! see you this winter!
Steezy Mcsteezinstien
October 16, 2004
Does anyone know if snowshoe is getting a superpipe? This is very important.
Bruce Persinger
October 20, 2004
I'm not sure, but the Wisp has had one for two years if you didn't know.
October 20, 2004
Superpipes are an interesting thing around here. Wisp gets one and makes a big deal out of it and everytime I've been there, nobody is on it. Its like nobody around these parts can even ride the regular pipe and they upgrade to a superpipe. Snowshoe should get one though if they're gonna act like they have the best terrain park and pipe around. They do have a dedicated ski and board team for the parks so you'd think they would be more cutting edge. I've never even seen Snowshoe's regular pipe in good shape anyway. It is neat that they are adding a new beginners area for the Spruce Glades terrain park but I think a dedicated rope tow is in need so you don't have to wait for one of the busy lifts each run down.
October 21, 2004
JR, you are correct. Rope tows cut waiting times and allow more time on the parks.
October 22, 2004
JR, Jarrett,
I have to agree with you also. It serves two purposes. It allows the folks who just want to play in the park to stay on that part of the mountain and get more time in. Also, this would help to cut down on some of the traffic on the already too busy basin-side lifts at Snowshoe.
The Biz
October 23, 2004
The pipe at the Wisp is by far the best around, if you don't see people riding it, it's probably because you ride at night and pipes are only good right after they're groomed.
November 22, 2004
My only beef with Snowshoe is the price of their demo gear. $40 a day gets you one setup for the whole day. While that's not bad if you know exactly what ski you want; but if you are Demo'ing which is why they call it "demo" skis you have to pay $60 to be able to swap out gear. Last year I went to the demo shop on a busy day for Snowshoe and the place was empty. Wonder why...
The Biz
November 23, 2004
I just thought I'd let everyone know what I know. Former Wisp Park Manager Bruce Persinger has taken the job as the Manager of the park at Snowshoe. He left the Wisp after the 2003 season, took a season off and is back now to put Snowshoe on the national map for parks. Snowshoe has always been the leader in the region, but Bruce is a pro rider that has been all over, so we can expect a large variety in actual snow elements. Along with more freestyle terrain in the future hopefully. As for the Wisp, the new manager Brian Sarfino has picked up where Bruce left off and continues to push Wisp to a higher level. I know these guys are planning a Cutters Cup in the Spring if the weather cooperates. Though this is nothing definate. They will also be working on a video called Stars and Bars for PIG productions this winter. Well just thought I'd let evryone who's stepping it up this season, hopefully we'll get snow soon.
February 15, 2005
Where can i find more info about the cutters cup at wisp, Liberty Mountain would really like to enter this competition and show off our skills. I am the Park Groomer there and although this is my first season there ive had people tell us that our parks our better than anywhere else in PA, Better than tremblant and one rider said our 40 foot hit was smoother than anything at high north ski camp. I came from Mammoth Mtn as my brother is a terrain park groomer there now and has been for the past 3 years and our park definately shows a Mammoth influence. So if u haven't ridden Liberty come check us out, i now our mountain is enginereed for beginners but our park is real ncie right now considering the season we have had.

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