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Yesterday’s storm has residents up and down the east coast digging out of a pile of snow. Area ski resorts are finding a fresh layer of snow on their slopes, although resorts to the west missed much of the storm. For example, Canaan Valley and Timberline received only a trace amount of snow from the storm, while Ski Roundtop received over a foot of powder. Despite the varying distribution of snowfall, one thing is common across all ski resorts in the D.C. area: they are offering the best conditions in years. Most resorts now have 100% terrain open with solid coverage and base depths. Packed powder conditions are nearly universal.

The weather forecast for the remainder of the week is calling for partly cloudy conditions and temperatures reaching into the low 30’s - ideal conditions for skiing and boarding. Resorts are likely to be crowded this weekend, but with so much open terrain at each resort, crowds will be able to spread out. Most resorts have scaled back snowmaking operations; many are now running the guns only at night or on limited trails during the day.

A roundup of conditions at many local resorts follows.


Wisp Resort: Wisp received three inches of snow yesterday and is skiing and boarding on packed powder conditions. All 23 trails are open, with a base depth ranging from 26-54 inches.


Blue Knob: Blue Knob has 4-6 inches of fresh snow, bringing base depth to 25-50 inches. 20 trails are open; several of the more advanced runs are not open yet. Conditions are machine groomed.

Blue Mountain: All 27 trails are open at Blue Mountain, which captured 10 inches of new snow yesterday. Based depth is 30-54 inches with packed powder and fresh snow conditions.

Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley missed Tuesday’s storm but picked up 10 inches of snow on Wednesday due to lake effect snow. All trails are open, including the cross-country trails.

Laurel Mountain: Laurel Mountain has 12 runs open with an average base depth of 36 inches. 2 inches of snow fell on the resort yesterday. Conditions are powder and packed powder.

Seven Springs: Three inches of snow fell on Seven Springs on Tuesday. All 30 trails are open wih a base depth of 26-38 inches and machine groomed, packed powder conditions.

Ski Liberty: A foot of snow fell on Liberty yesterday, resulting in some great conditions. Lower Strata will open for the first time in five years. All 16 runs are open except for the Halfpipe, which will open soon. Base depth is 26-36 inches with powder and machine-groomed, packed powder conditions.

Ski Roundtop: With over 12 inches of snow falling on Tuesday, everything at Roundtop is open. A base depth of 25-45 inches and powder/packed powder conditions can be found on 16 trails.

Whitetail: 16 trails are open at Whitetail, which received 6-8 inches of snow in yesterday’s storm. Conditions are powder and packed powder, with base depth ranging from 26-36 inches. Expert Far Side, currently the only trail not open, is expected to open by the weekend.


Bryce Resort: Bryce isn’t reporting any new snow, but does have all 8 trails open with a base depth of 26-41 inches. Conditions are machine groomed.

Massanutten: Massanutten added 6 inches of fresh snow to its 13 open slopes yesterday, bringing base depth to 26-38 inches. Conditions are powder and packed powder. The Snow Tubing Park is also open.

Wintergreen Resort: Wintergreen received 10 inches of snow yesterday. Conditions are packed powder on 19 trails, with a base depth ranging from 40-60 inches.

West Virginia

Canaan Valley: Canaan Valley was too far west to benefit from most of yesterday’s storm; 1 inch of snow fell on the resort. 27 trails are open with a base depth of 32-89 inches and packed powder conditions.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort: Snowshoe picked up 1 inch of snow yesterday and is expecting to pick up several inches over the next couple days. All 55 trails ae open with a base depth ranging from 39-87 inches and groomed, packed powder conditions. Cross-country skiing is also open.

Timberline Resort: Timberline missed yesterday’s storm, but has 20 trails open with a 50-78 inch base an machine groomed, packed powder conditions. Cross-country skiing is also open.

Winterplace: Wintrplace has 27 trails open with a base depth of 36-74 inches and machine groomed, packed powder conditions.

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