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Cold Temperatures are On the Way 7
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

As Thanksgiving approaches, many ski resorts in the region are looking at the thermometer and wondering when winter will arrive.

According to the latest weather projections, winter should make its chilly entrance by next week. High temperatures will begin to recede over the next few days as low temperatures fall well below freezing.

That’s welcome news to area resorts; most have taken their snowguns out of storage and are waiting for a sustained blast of cold air to inaugurate snowmaking operations for the season.

West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain Resort hopes to claim the earliest opening date this season. The resort had originally planned to open this Friday, Nov. 17, but decided to push back the opening to Thanksgiving Day to give snowmakers a few extra days of snowmaking.

“Mountain Operations is still going with the plan of opening top to bottom skiing and snowboarding at the Snowshoe area on the basin (eastern side) and the Mountaineer Terrain Park and a portion of the Ruckus Ridge Tubing Hill at the Silver Creek area,” explained Snowshoe’s Joe Stevens. “In fact, there may be more than one run available at the Snowshoe area, weather pemitting,” he added.

Temperatures will drop even lower next week, with highs barely breaking 40 at higher elevations and lows falling to the teens. A mix of snow, ice, and rain is a possibility on Sunday and Monday in some areas.

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Reader Comments

November 14, 2000
If you go to http://www.snowshoemtn.net/winter/ssCam.cfm
it says that snowshoe is opening Thursday. I was just wondering if that right or if this article is correct. If anybody knows when the real opening date is please let me know so I don't drive there to find out its not open.
November 14, 2000
Hi Phil!

I can confirm that the opening day at Snowshoe has been pushed back from this Friday, Nov. 17 to next Thursday, Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23) - not this coming Thursday. The resort sent out a news release Monday night with the new date.

It looks to me like the description under the photo got clipped off, since it ends abruptly with "Opening day is now set for Thur" ... It should say Thursday, Nov. 23. The main page at Snowshoe does give Nov. 23 as the new opening date.

- Scott
November 14, 2000
hey that's my cousin's car!
November 15, 2000
Does anyone know if Snowshoe will update their on-line trail maps to show the new Yew Pine Green run? Arriving at SMR Dec.17 and plan on spending time on it with my boy. Thanks in advance.
Cevilla T.
November 21, 2000
So you're the one who stole my car alycia!
Cruella D.
November 21, 2000
How dare you steal my car Cevilla T. I stole that car fair and square from Rogers P.
Tibble T.
November 22, 2000
What is wrong with all of you. Plain as day, that is MY car. And I want it back. NOW!!!!!!!!!!
email me at tibble4@yahoo.com
for information regarding MY stolen car!

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