Snow Piles Up at Local Resorts
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Although weather forecasters were predicting an inch or two of snow in the D.C. area from yesterday’s storm, the clouds decided to linger and drop 8 inches of snow in the D.C./Baltimore Metropolitan area, forcing schools to close and turning some roads into ice skating rinks.

We’re not complaining.

The same storm brought a fresh layer of snow to the local ski resorts. Some northern resorts, such as Liberty and Roundtop, only received an inch or two of snow. The heaviest snowfall came in the west and south. For example, West Virginia’s Canaan Valley, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, and Timberline, along with western Maryland’s Wisp, received about a foot of powder. This follows on the heels of previous snowstorms that also dumped significant amounts of snow.

All local resorts are reporting powder or packed powder conditions this morning. Simply put, conditions are better than they have been in the past three years - it doesn’t get much better than this. Cross country skiers and snowshoers can also be heard rejoicing.

The most difficult part of skiing or boarding right now is getting to the slopes. Roads are in fairly good condition Wednesday morning, and will improve as crews plow and treat the roads. If you head to the slopes, take your time and drive carefully. There’s plenty of powder for everyone.

Conditions at a selection of local resorts are summarized below. Missing from the list are some resorts that hadn’t updated their condition reports by the time this article went to press - resort employees are no doubt busy enjoying first tracks!

Canaan Valley: West Virginia’s Canaan Valley woke up to a foot of new powder, for a total of 59” of natural snow since February 22. Powder skiing is being offered on 37 open tails with a base depth of 36-82 inches. The cross country and snowshoeing centers are also open and in prime shape.

Liberty: Liberty reports 2 inches of new snow, with machine groomed, packed powder condition on 16 open trails. Base depth ranges from 22-48 inches.

Massanutten: Virginia’s Massanutten watched 8 inches of new snow fall yesterday. Powder and packed powder conditions can be found on 11 open tails, with a base depth of 28-40 inches.

Roundtop: Roundtop is reporting 1 inch of new snow. 14 trails are open with packed powder conditions and a base depth of 20-44 inches.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort: Adding to three feet of snow received during the past week, Snowshoe has received another 13 inches of new snow. Average base depth now ranges from 68-104 inches. All 56 trails are open, as well as the Snowshoeing Center. Snowshoe reports that they’ve pretty much wrapped up snowmaking operations for the season.

Whitetail: The resort received 3-5 inches during yesterday’s storm, adding to new snow that already fell last Thursday and last Saturday. Whitetail also made some snow on Sunday and Monday night. 14 trails are open with a base depth of 26-42 inches and powder and packed powder conditions.

Winterplace: 3 inches of snow fell on West Virginia’s Winterplace, bringing base depth up to 30-70 inches. 22 trails are open with groomed and packed powder conditions.

Wisp: Wisp is digging out of 12-14 inches of new snow this morning. All 23 trails are open, although Wisp reports Main Street has thin cover. Base depth ranges from 30-48 inches, with surface conditions of machine groomed, packed powder.

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