Firsthand Account: Liberty
By a DCSki Reader

After skiing at Ski Liberty this weekend, there can be no question that the end of season for this resort is at hand. Saturday turned out to be a sunny day with temperatures in the mid 50’s. Great for spring skiing.

Unfortunately, there were a few casualities in the form of closed trails. Upper Strata, the Snowboard Park Halfpipe, and Freedom Trail were closed for the season, having lost too much snow during this past week of warm weather (Lower Strata and Don’t Worry never opened this season).

Adventure Alley, Lower Eastwind, and Whitney’s Way, although still open, did not escape unscathed. Specifically, those beautifully groomed, perfectly spaced bumps on Adventure Alley were gone. Half the trail had to be groomed flat to save what was left. Likewise, Lower Eastwind was groomed flat to fill in huge bare spots that appeared between the bumps the week before.

Whitney’s Way was simply an obstacle course of bare spots and orange/black bamboo warning poles. However, credit is still due to the snow makers and groomers. Coverage on the main trails was very good for this time of year. Upper Eastwind still had killer bumps. Stratasidewinder, Ultra, and Heavenly on the backside were all covered side to side with nary a barespot in sight.

On the frontside, Dipsy, Blue Streak, and White Lightning were also groomed and well covered. Snowboarders will take heart in the fact that the Snowboard Park still has killer size jumps. Rumor has it that Ski Liberty plans to stay upon until March 28.

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