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Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

The ski season continues, and I’ve only made it to the slopes once.

I would rather have been at the slopes yesterday morning, instead of taking my Nissan Pathfinder in for its 15,000 mile checkup. Waiting for the checkup wasn’t so bad, as it gave me a chance to whip out my PowerBook and work on updating DCSki, but what followed was one of those things you hear about happening to other people, or see happen in movies.

The dealership rotated my tires. They just forgot to tighten one of the tires when they were done.

Which I discovered shortly after driving away from the dealership.

Thankfully, the discovery was made before too much damage was done -; and before I ventured onto I-95. But it really didn’t brighten my day, although it could have been far, far worse.

Apparently, this type of mishap can really happen.

I intend to impart valuable advice in my new “Scott’s Corner” column. So here is today’s advice: when you have your tires rotated, make sure the mechanic actually screws the tires back on.

After I finish writing this column, I’m going to make sure new oil was actually added during the oil change.

(Sadly, I’m not kidding. If anyone knows a good Nissan dealer, please let me know!)

But enough moaning. I’ll be skiing soon enough -; in Colorado, no less, as I embark on a road trip across the country in the coming weeks.

But one needn’t travel to Colorado to find good conditions, as slope conditions throughout the Mid-Atlantic remain in prime form.

Nancy Zeigler from Bear Creek Ski & Recreation Area checked in with an update on the launch of the season. The Pennsylvania resort, located near Philadelphia, captured its earliest opening date ever by opening on Dec. 9. The resort had all trails open within the first week. Bear Creek spent $2.5 million on improvements over the past year, adding 2 new trails, additional snowmaking equipment, a newly expanded tubing park, and an improved halfpipe. Nancy reports that the resort is receiving many positive comments from enthusiastic visitors and that, so far, the season has been Bear Creek’s best ever.

Over 7 feet of snow have fallen at Snowshoe this season. Photo provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

Over 7 feet of snow have fallen at Snowshoe this season. Photo provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.
Many West Virginia resorts also received additional fresh snow over the weekend and into Monday.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort saw its season snowfall increase to 88 inches after receiving 25 inches from the recent storm. Snowshoe is 100% open, and its snowshoe and cross-country trails are also open for Nordic fans.

“Mother Nature is currently vacationing at Snowshoe Mountain,” said the resort’s Loryn Kasten.

“This is definitely a powder day,” said Chuck Trader, Managing Director of Canaan Valley Resort, on Tuesday after the resort had received over a foot of snow in a 24-hour period. 29 trails were open on Tuesday morning, with more expected to come on-line during the week.

“We even opened Dark Side of the Moon, an expert trail only open under natural conditions,” Trader added.

This weekend should be pretty good for skiing, with sunny skies and temperatures staying below freezing.

Former Olympians Phil and Steve Mahre will be on the slopes of West Virginia’s Timberline Resort this weekend, participating in the Wendy’s Race Ski Family Challenge. Proceeds from the two-person, family team format dual race will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Campaign. Registration for the race begins on Friday, January 10. For more information, visit Timberline’s web site.

Just remember, before you drive to your favorite resort, make sure your wheels are firmly attached to your vehicle, with skis and boards firmly attached to the roof rack.

About M. Scott Smith

M. Scott Smith is the founder and Editor of DCSki. Scott loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. He is an avid photographer and writer.

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Reader Comments

January 9, 2003
so did you tire fall off scott? or did you just feel it wobbling and stop. Either way, glad your ok! I updated the pics on my site. Trouble now is I'm running out of pics I already have taken! Now I must go get more! Came up w/ an idea for my first big photo project, I'll put it in the web log later! Back to the grind of english....
January 10, 2003
Hi Jarrett: Four of six lug nuts were missing and the tire was at about a 30 degree angle, barely hanging on by two lugnuts by the time I caught it. At that point it wasn't driving very well! If I had driven a couple dozen more feet, the tire would have flown off and there would have been significant damage. I'm thankful that didn't happen, and glad I noticed immediately that the car wasn't handling quite right and opted not to get on I-95 right away.

It stripped the threads on some of the rods (which the dealer claims they fixed by rethreading them), but I'm paranoid that there could be additional damage that's not obvious, especially since I'm about to embark on a multi-thousand-mile cross-country road trip. Well, hopefully everything's fine. It didn't make for a fun day, which is why it crept into my column -- it was still foremost on my mind. Sorry to whine! (Ahh, but I guess I'm entitled! :-)
January 10, 2003
after reading it, it was on my mind too. A guy came into electronics last night waiting to get his tires worked on, so I related the story and told him just to be safe and check his tires! Glad it wasn't too bad! Yes, everyone is entitled to whine sometimes, especially when you're the webmaster of the south's premier ski website!
February 14, 2003
Always check your oil after a change! I was heading back from N.C. and got a oil change...they dumped one can of oil with the new filter but forgot to add the rest of the oil. By the time I reached the N.C./VA border I heard the engine clicking...Checked the oil and you guessed it no oil; bone dry. Luckly no major damage to the engine but a lesson learned!---Check the oil!

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