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Ski and Snowboard Recreational Racing 3
By Ed , Guest Contributor

Racing at Seven Springs. Photo by Ed Fowler.
Looking back, I would never have thought that I’d be racing over 15 times each winter. When I started skiing, I could barely link two turns together.

What I learned is that racing is not just about going fast. It is simply the best way to improve your skiing in the shortest amount of time.

The Mid-Atlantic area offers a wide range of racing opportunities. You can race for as little as a dollar a run on the NASTAR course at Liberty and Roundtop. NASTAR race courses are set on intermediate terrain - the blue runs. Give it a try next time you go skiing.

Don’t try to set any records at first. Just concentrate on skiing through the gates and finishing the course. Then you can begin working on technique.

An organization called Washington Ski International (WSI) stages races at seven different ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic, with skiers and snowboarders from ten or more teams competing for individual points and team points during the year. You are never too young or too old. Racers range in age from under 10 to over 70.

If you need some help and encouragement to get started, you might want to join up with an existing team in the area. Check out the ZARDOZ RENEGADES at www.skidome.org. Skidome has information on its web page, along with photos and videos of races. Skidome members will be happy to offer tips on training and equipment - for free. If you already have some experience racing in high school or college, just get the gear out and let ‘er rip.

Come out and give ski racing a try. You’ll have a lot of fun and meet a lot of interesting people.

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About the Author

Ed Fowler has been skiing and racing for eight years. He is Team Captain of Zardoz Renegades, runs a Night Club Pass program and enjoys photography.

Reader Comments

January 29, 2004
Hey, Ed!
Congrats on getting published on dcski! May try nastar on my next trip up to Liberty. Conditions have been great up there.
Crush (Eric)
January 31, 2004
Hi Ed!
Ahhh you got published! Nice article ... I remember the first race we were in at Ski Liberty's Triple Crown you were doing Tai Chi in the start area LOL. I do miss running the WSI circuit for Zardoz Renegades .. tee hee bet Lance dosen't LOL. Hey if you get the time off don't forget a visit to Park City, eh?
January 31, 2004
good luck to you and the team at Liberty this weekend! Kick butt!

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