DCSki Survey Results and Future Plans
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Several weeks ago, DCSki posted an On-line Survey. Although this is an open-ended Survey, we thought we would share some early results and let you know how DCSki will be changing as a result of suggestions.

In the survey, we were curious to know how often people visit the DCSki site. A third of those responding to the survey visit DCSki daily; a third visit several times a week; and a third visit weekly.

DCSki will be expanding coverage of area ski resorts starting this summer, and we were anxious to hear suggestions for additional resorts to cover. Massanutten, Wintergreen, Timberline, Canaan Valley, and Blue Knob received the most votes. Someone also voted for Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but after careful consideration, we’ve determined that Jackson Hole is outside our “jurisdiction.” (Sorry!)

Starting next season, DCSki will provide detailed coverage of the following resorts: Ski Roundtop, Ski Liberty, Whitetail Ski Resort, Doe Mountain, Blue Knob, Hidden Valley Resort, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Wisp, Snowshoe/Silver Creek, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Timberline, Canaan Valley, Bryce, and the Homestead. These 15 resorts are all located within a day’s drive of Washington, D.C.

We will try to do our best to provide fair coverage for all of these resorts, but our experience has shown that this can be difficult. DCSki relies on a variety of sources for its information, including official and unofficial contacts within the resorts, firsthand accounts by DCSki staff and visitors, and information through other media outlets. Some resorts have more polished media relations departments than others, and some resorts receive more visitors each year than others. The result is a disproportionate amount of coverage. We’ll continue to tackle this on-going challenge.

In our survey, we asked DCSki visitors what they like best about DCSki - and what they like least. Respondents praised DCSki’s timely and informative articles, firsthand accounts, all-in-one true ski condition reports, good stories, background information on area resorts, improvements and goings-on at resorts, and the “great attitude” (thanks!)

We were flattered to find little criticism, although some complained of a long load time and the aforementioned disproportionate coverage. Once the ski season concludes and we have a chance to catch our breath, we’ll be re-designing and streamlining the front page of DCSki so it loads faster.

DCSki will also be making a big change this summer. We’ve been quick to point out that DCSki is a year-round resource, providing information about a variety of outdoor activities in the D.C. area. That will become even more apparent with the introduction of DCOutdoors, set to go on-line in late spring. You’ll be hearing more about DCOutdoors in the coming months.

What activities will DCOutdoors cover? Based on suggestions, we’ll be sure to include mountain biking, on- and off-road bicycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayacking, rollerblading, caving, jogging, golf, fishing, kayacking, rafting, and other water sports. Like DCSki, DCOutdoors will have a strong regional focus and will continually grow in utility as more information is added. DCSki will remain on-line year-round.

We’ve been very pleased with the success of DCSki this season (even though it’s been one of the mildest winters on record for D.C.!), and look forward to improving DCSki and launching DCOutdoors. As always, your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms are always welcome.

About M. Scott Smith

M. Scott Smith is the founder and Editor of DCSki. Scott loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. He is an avid photographer and writer.

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