What’s New for 2014: Roundtop Mountain Resort 1
By Ed Fowler, Guest Contributor

Several improvements are on tap at Roundtop Mountain Resort this winter. The Pennsylvania ski area is upgrading the snowmaking system on beginner slopes Powerderhorn and Drummer Boy. Rental snowboard equipment is being replaced. Roundtop is also repaving the lodge parking lot and adding paved walkways.

A new building at the top of the mountain is being constructed to serve ski patrol and snowmaking staff.

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Ed Fowler has been skiing in the area for over 19 years, runs a Night Pass Program (skidome.org), and is Captain of Zardoz Renegades race team.

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November 4, 2014
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New Snow Making. 

We are thrilled to show you the wonderful improvements to our snowmaking systems on Powderhorn and Drummerboy in preparation for the 2014-2015 winter season here at Roundtop. These beautiful, new HKD Impulse snowmaking towers make spectacular snow, in a low energy, high performance fashion. As soon as we can fire 'em up we'll show off just how awesome they are! We've also added Areco SuperSnow guns to our arsenal on Gunbarrel in an effort to blanket the mountain as efficiently as possible (more photos coming soon!). 

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