What’s New for 2010: Hidden Valley Resort 6
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

A new beginner’s teaching area will greet guests to Hidden Valley Resort this winter. Located adjacent to the Ski Lodge at the base of the slopes, the new area will feature a gentle 7-8% grade and be serviced by its own conveyor lift.

The Pennsylvania Resort will also introduce a teaching program called Smart Start, which will reduce the learning curve for new skiers. The program will take beginners through the process of renting equipment, riding the chairlift, and making their first turns across the entire mountain.

“Many people take their first ski trip and opt not to take lessons,” said Robert Duppstadt, Hidden Valley’s spokesperson. “The Smart Start program and similar lessons will significantly improve anyone’s first experience on the ski slopes by providing innovative options to those just starting their skier lifestyle.”

Hidden Valley has simplified its lift tickets by reducing three daily sessions to two. The resort will now offer a day session ticket that is valid from open to close, and a night ticket valid from 4 pm until close.

The all day ticket will “free up families to enjoy the mountain at their own pace,” said Duppstadt.

Additional chutes will be added to the snow tubing hill, and parking at the resort has been expanded. The Glacier’s Pub has been relocated to the Plaza level of the lodge, increasing seating and providing a slopeside view.

According to the resort, a new key lock and security system doors and complimentary wireless internet service have been installed in all units of the Four Seasons Lodges. Hidden Valley will also allow guests to make lodging reservations through the resort’s web site.

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Reader Comments

DCSki Reader
October 28, 2010
Hopefully next year the epantion will be openned.
October 28, 2010
This sounds like a price increase in desguise. It apears this "simplification" of the ticket options means that you have to get a whole day pass, which had been more $ than the day session ticket.

I don't care for night skiing, and usually have had enough once I have been on the slopes all day starting at opening time. Thus, the day pass was perfect for me and my family. So now they are saying I need to either pay for a full day even though I won't be there at night

Thanks for simplification Hiddden Valley ... It simply raises your prices without saying that you are simply raising your prices.

How about that the entire day is same price as the daylight pass last year? That would simplify things.
October 28, 2010
Hidden Valley says that the price of the new all-day ticket is "roughly the same price as the day or twilight session of the past." I don't have the rates for last year to compare, but they're implying that the price difference is fairly nominal.
October 28, 2010
I believe a day ticket was $48 last year and the new all day ticket on weekends is $50, so it's $2 more
October 29, 2010
I am with you. This "simplification" is a price increase. I am a night skier as I dont like lift lines, I like am cheap and I can ski ice. So this is bad news for me.
October 31, 2010
all day tickets last year on saturdays and holidays were $54. This year saturdays are $50 and holidays are $53. So its defenatly NOT an increase of all day tickets but now since they now only have all day tickets and night tickets they have more people buying all day tickets so they make more money. Ither way it doesnt afect me because I have a season pass @ hidden valley.

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