Skiing Magazine Suspends Print Version 5
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

If you had a print subscription to Skiing magazine, your mailbox might be a little lonelier this winter. Bonnier Corporation, the publisher of Skiing magazine, has announced that Skiing will no longer be published as a print subscription, effective Fall 2010. The company is moving the Skiing brand on-line into a new desktop digital magazine titled Skiing Interactive.

Subscribers to Skiing magazine will automatically receive the print edition of Ski magazine for the remainder of their subscription, also published by Bonnier. Or, subscribers can choose to instead receive the electronic edition of Skiing Interactive.

The Bonnier Corporation describes the electronic version of the magazine as a “multi-sensory experience” that can be personalized. It will include interactive infographics, geo-targeted maps, equipment choices, music, videos, quizzes, and “mind-blowing ads.” The company expects to publish 10 digital versions during the 2010-2011 winter season.

Bonnier will continue to publish print editions of Ski magazine and Snow magazine.

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M. Scott Smith is the founder and Editor of DCSki. Scott loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. He is an avid photographer and writer.

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August 19, 2010
but still kind of shocking.

DCSKI is way ahead of them in the online game:-)
August 23, 2010
Their target market (20 somethings)does not read newspapers or magazines. They think that only old fogeys read print material. Not sure what this means for the journalism profession, but it is what it is. reported that last month they sold more electronic books than printed books. I assume we'll see Barnes and Noble dissappear also. I cannot imagine reading a magazine on a computer screne or a book on a Kindle but I am from the old fogey generation. Nothing like the Sunday paper while eating breakfast on Sunday morning.
Sam Bass, Skiing Magazine
August 24, 2010
Hi DCSki readers, a few clarifications need to be made about the above article.

Two issues of Skiing Magazine will be printed this season and will be available on newsstands and in ski retail shops across the country. They will not be mailed out. If you currently receive Skiing in the mail, you'll now get SKI for the remainder of your subscription. These two issues will also be available in iPad/tablet format.

Our new publication, Skiing Interactive, is a downloadable file loaded with the same content Skiing readers have always loved, but in an interactive, digital format. It is not an "online" product, though it will offer enhanced functionality if you're connected to the web while viewing. It will be published 10 times each season.

We'll continue to offer compelling ski content on

Thanks for the support. Feel free to contact me at the URL below with any questions or comments.

Best Regards,

Sam Bass
editorial brand director
Skiing Magazine / Skiing Interactive
September 15, 2010

If you currently subscribe to Skiing, youll receive our sister publication, SKI Magazine, for the remainder of your subscription. If you already subscribe to SKI, your subscription will be extended for the number of Skiing issues owed to you. SKI is the original, largest, and most recognized ski publication in the world. Passionately committed to helping readers decide where to ski, what to ski and how to ski, SKI is the authority on resorts, equipment, and instruction.

Important info, since most who have a subscription to Skiing likely also subscribe to SKI. Check your expiration dates to verify.

Crappy customer disservice to pull something like this, past when the first issue normally appears.

In hindsight, I guess this is not totally unexpected. Not sure if there was a market for two print editions. However, subscription only websites/mags has proven to be a real tough bidness model; not sure if they'll succeed. I guess they're trying to throw a spin on it my a downloadable file format versus a website. But that model has been tried decades ago (PC Magazine CD ROM edition comes to mind.)
September 29, 2010
$19.99!!! For a on line mag? The print version cost only $9.99! I think the on line looks cool but not 20 bucks worth.

Skiing was always more hip and SKI. I was a subscriber and was not pleased with the lame-o issue of ski I just got in the mail. Skiing mags in general have a much longer shelf life than say Time magazine. I enjoy finding old copies at condo's I rent. I dont think the online version will be the same.

maybe if they make it an app for the iphone?

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