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Synchro Skiing Event at Seven Springs 3
By Iwan Fuchs, Guest Columnist

Seven Springs Snowsports School had its Second Annual Formation, Light, Music, and Firework Show. We had 45 skiers, telemarkers and boarders participating in the show. Seven Springs Mountain Resort presented the largest formation skiing show in the East. We had a local celebrity as its MC and the grand finale was a big 6 for the Steelers sixth super bowl win. As many of you can think Seven Springs is asking for the SEVEN.

The Second Annual Formation, Light, Music, and Fireworks Show at Seven Springs. Photo provided by Iwan Fuchs.

Mother Nature is very generous to Seven Springs. We have had a winter just like I am used to… powder. It’s fantastic lately and I am very happy to see so many skiers and snowboarders on our slopes.

Synchro Skiing and its history: Modern Skiing started around the mid 30’s and so did modern training methods in most European and US ski schools.

Synchro skiing has its roots in teaching the instructors and enticing the public in the morning with their training so they would want to take a lesson with one of the best instructors on the mountain. Today we have powder 8 championships and most big Snowsports Schools across the globe have teams who compete against other Snowsports Schools. Some of the best teams come from Austria, Switzerland and the US.

When European Ski School Directors and Ski Instructors in the 30’s brought the tradition over to the USA, it became an instant part of the training model for most Snowsports Schools. Synchro skiing has its heredity in timing, rhythm, technique, space awareness and camaraderie. Two or more instructors ski in concert with each other. Typical formations are a diamond, a V, S turns, crossover turns and a snake. All of these tasks require a high concentration from the instructors in any phase of the formation.

Photo provided by Iwan Fuchs.

Seven Springs Snowsports School is still very committed to bringing the history and tradition back. At 8:30 am on Saturday and Sunday you can see many of our very dedicated instructors practicing in front of the restaurants and the hotel. Tradition is a very important factor for me as the Director. Try practicing skiing or boarding in a line or next to a friend sometimes. Many slopes you thought were not as exciting become very challenging.

Challenge yourself and if you ever come to Seven Springs take a Synchro group lesson on Saturday and Sunday. Ask for the lesson time at the Snowsports School Desk.

Iwan Fuchs practices formation skiing. Photo provided by Sean Stipp / Tribue-Review.
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About the Author

Iwan Fuchs currently serves as the Snowsports School Director at Seven Springs Resort. He has over 18 years of experience teaching, and has served as a certified Swiss ski instructor in his native Switzerland. He has also been a USSA racing coach.

Reader Comments

Connie Lawn
March 1, 2009
Very nice. I would like to take ski lessons with you one day. Keep up the excellent work. Yours, Connie Lawn
March 2, 2009
Thank you Connie....like always I love reading your stories very much. I learn so much on DCSKI due to such great writers and dedicated skiers like you Connie.


Jeff Speicher
December 11, 2010
Iwan my new email address


Wishing you and your family a happy holiday

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