Firsthand Report: Liberty
By a DCSki Reader

While Ski Roundtop offers a view of Three Mile Island, it was Liberty that experienced a meltdown today. Where cover was thin, today’s sun and high temps nuked some of the trails. Adventure Alley and Be Happy, two trails that were very skiable early in the week were both showing severe bare spots today.

The beginner area, Nova, Sneaky Pete, Dipsy Doodle, Heavenly and Ultra are holding up surprisingly well. Bare spots and rocks are limited to mogul troughs and severe high traffic areas. The snow today was very soft until sundown and hardened up after dark.

Surprisingly, the moguls on upper ultra had not been groomed out. They got larger over the course of the day, but the troughs of some were bare. Bump lovers needed their rocks skis.

Liberty offered good late spring skiing today. Too bad it is January 4th.

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