What’s New for 2007: Timberline Resort 17
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

West Virginia’s Timberline Resort has purchased 40 new snow guns for the 2007-2008 winter season, adding to 60 guns purchased last season. The new guns will allow Timberline to lay down a base of snow even quicker.

“Delivery of large volumes of high quality snow to Timberline’s 100 acres of skiable terrain is basic to the winter attraction of skiers coming to Tucker County,” said Tom Blanzy, General Manager of the resort.

With an elevation of 4,200 feet, Timberline normally receives healthy amounts of natural snow, but the resort has been enhancing snowmaking to fight mid-winter thaws that occasionally visit the mid-Atlantic region. In recent years, Timberline also added two new vertical turbine pumps to increase water pumping capacity.

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Reader Comments

November 21, 2007
Having been at Timberline at Christmas the last few years I'll believe it when I see it. They may have a lot of new guns but if they are not turned on does it matter?
November 22, 2007
New Snowmaking is nice but I'd also like to see a clean place to rock the deuce or a water fountain to get a drink out of! Everytime I go to Timberline all the pots are blown-up and I end up walkin' around with a turtle head cause the bathrooms are disgusting. And there ain't a single water fountain?
November 23, 2007
by far in my 5 yrs or so following dcski, you hit the nail on the head with the funniest post i've ever seen. keep it up.
November 27, 2007
I agree with freikwinter, but I need to add, the entire lodge needs to be razed and replaced. Thank god I stay at a house close to the slops.
DCSki Reader
November 28, 2007
that place is a filthy hole, I go their to ski and try to not step foot in that lodge, I find it hard to believe the health department doesn't shut that place down. The Homeowners associations that surround the timberline lodge(that timberlines owners are selling lots in) wouldn't even let that patch work leaky roof or delapidated building stand the way it is. timberline has good terrain but half a, filthy, trashy facilities and infrastructure
December 4, 2007
Timberline gives it away to boy scout and military groups for some kind of personal recognition. The resulting lack of revenue is taken out on the leisure skier with much higher rates. They could ski less and make more $ if their egos weren't in the way!
DCSki Reader
December 10, 2007
40 new guns and the same old T-line. 2 trails from midstation on 12/9.
DCSki Reader
December 10, 2007
no there was only 1 trail from midstation open
DCSki Reader
December 11, 2007
sorry about the miscount of 2 when it was really 1. I guess I used the formula that says they have 37 trails also!
DCSki Reader
December 17, 2007
I was over at timberline this past Saturday and that place is an unbelievable mess. I rode the lift with some people who were up there with groups and I guess timberline is now booking accomodations for the lodge floor. They had groups of kids sleeping on the floor of the lodge this past weekend. It appears that all they care about is packing that place with large groups. That lodge really cannot handle what they are trying to do.
December 27, 2007
i don't know about all you guys, but i always find clean bathrooms up there and plenty to drink and plenty slopes open to ski and plenty of snow on the slopes. what i really love is the prices...those people pour you a half a gallon of wine for 4 bucks
December 27, 2007
I agree. Besides, I don't quite get it why so many comments are blasting the lodge and groups/military all of a sudden when there was a MAJOR face-lift done upstairs over the summer, there is a 20 room hotel under construction (not another bunkhouse for groups), 40 new snowguns (which have helped get Salamander and White Lightning get open despite the weather) plus the 18 new lots in Winterhaven which are about to come on line. I understand that every penny of real-estate sold to date has gone right back into the mountain/facilites (despite the recent unpredictable weather patterns). A really major scale investment/expansion (like Snowshoe) is pretty much out of the question until the state gets its the sewer issues straightened-out in the Canaan Valley. As much as they and the county depend upon tourism, they've really dropped the ball on this issue so far, big time. I don't know any reason for all the hard-core bitching about Timberline management when the state of West Virginia by their lax attitude on the subject seems to be shutting down development in the Canaan Valley so the ski facilities can't be expanded more! They are the ones that need kicked in the butt.
December 27, 2007
i don't know anything about sewer issues, except 'does it flush' but i care about cheap wine and clean bathrooms most of all, and of course good snow. a HOTEL!!!!!!!!!! that's great? where'd you hear that mountaindweller? room service with little minibars i hope.....
DCSki Reader
January 1, 2008
I skied Timberline over the Holiday weekend and the skiing was fun. I don't know what is new at that resort...but I would have to guess the deck around the lodge is old because it collapsed in two places while we were there. One member of the family we were staying with unfortunately visited the first aid and about fifteen feet of the deck infront of the first aid headquarters had collapsed and was dangling and bouncing when we walked on it. This is vary dangerous, especially infront of the first aid! Then I noticed on Sunday that a large portion of the deck infront of the ticket window had collapsed and was atleast roped off.

A couple of the members of our party wanted to give snowboarding a try and rented snowboards at Timberline and 3 out of 4 of the snowboards fell apart and had to be fixed and the boots had holes in them. One of the employees was vary nice about it but told us to rent from ski barn the next time because the snowboard equipment at timberline was outdated and not fit to learn on and that it should really be thrown away and replaced.

We had fun and the employees were friendly but I would have to agree that the place is junky.
February 11, 2008
Many of you are missing the point, which is fun. Our family has been visiting Timberline for the past three years. While the facilities and equipment may be old, the ski school instructors are terrific and the overall attitude of everyone we meet there is positive and cheerful. We are optimistically hopeful that Timberline will be able to expand and upgrade. Perhaps everyone who is complaining should pitch in to help instead of criticizing.
February 22, 2008
How is it that I am up there every holiday weekends from DC and I don't see any of this? Could it be disgruntled locals who are posting.....hmmm
DCSki Reader
February 22, 2008
Yes, Timberline is perfect and all the criticisms are obviously wrong and concieved out of ill will.

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