Going Further Afield: Boston Mills Ski Resort (Without Snow) 5
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

On trips to Michigan in the past, while driving on the Ohio Turnpike, I thought I saw a ski area off to the right as I passed through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This past weekend, I was driving on the Ohio Turnpike and decided to take the Akron exit (Exit 180) to put the question to rest. Was there really a ski area hiding in this relatively flat part of Ohio?

In fact, there are two: Boston Mills Ski Resort and Brandywine. The two ski areas are located within five minutes of each other and are owned by the same company. They are located near the scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a surprisingly hilly area for this part of Ohio, and home to a segment of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath, located within walking distance of Boston Mills. This area is home to many trails and recreational opportunities, and is a great place to take a break while driving the turnpike. The area was especially beautiful with fall color and pleasant temperatures.

I spent a few minutes in the parking lot of Boston Mills, observing the small ski area and taking some photos, probably to the bemusement of some maintenance workers preparing for the winter season. Ohio is not known for its mountains, so the statistics for these two ski areas are expectedly modest: a vertical of 240 feet, with a combined trail count of 18 trails, 15 lifts, and 79 skiable acres. These are not destination ski areas; they exist to provide winter recreation to locals. You would not make a trip from the D.C. area just to visit one of these areas, but if you were driving along the Ohio Turnpike in the winter, it might be worth stopping by.

Some photos from Boston Mills are shown below.

Boston Mills Ski Resort is located right off the Ohio Turnpike in Brandywine, Ohio. Photo by M. Scott Smith.
A double chairlift and magic carpet service Summit, a bunny slope at Boston Mills. Photo by M. Scott Smith.
Straight ahead is the black diamond-rated North Bowl. Photo by M. Scott Smith.
A view of the ski area from the parking lot. Photo by M. Scott Smith.
Straight ahead is Tiger, a black diamond slope separating the bunny slope (Summit) on the left from an intermediate slope (Buttermilk) on the right. It appears that the vertical on Tiger has been “enhanced” through bulldozers and dirt. Photo by M. Scott Smith.
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Reader Comments

robbie a
October 29, 2007
Good to see I am not the only "ski geek" who stops at closed ski resorts to see what the slopes look like!

These slopes are another Peak Resorts product - the large Midwestern chain that last year purchased Mount Snow.

The other hill Brandywine did a major project this past summer and removed an old waterpark from part of the slope. I stopped by and saw them working on it this summer. I belive it is the new tubing park.

It should also be noted these two "resorts" are about 3 miles apart. Your lift ticket is good at either location. They run a bus back and forth during the season.
Kerry Vincent
October 31, 2007
Great article! Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resorts are located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but that is not the only opportunity for skiing in the park. Those who love Cross Country Skiing can enjoy this area too. The National Park has many cross country skiing trails and they also rent cross country skis at their Winter Sports Shelter at Kendall Lake off of Kendall Park Rd./Truxell Rd.

For more recreation info in the valley go to www.nps.gov/cuva
November 13, 2007
My wife since age 4 yrs old grew up skiing at both of those ski resort. Her father used to work part-time there as a ski patrol. I got a chance to ski there during '05 winter. The only thing I dislike was people bringing inside their skis into the buildings. I guess they didn't have that kind of rules like out west or here in the mid-atlantic where you don't bring in the skis and have it right next to you where you sit for lunch break.
My father-in-law slip and fell in the pool of water on the floor in the common area on his way to the restroom. I'll give you one guess where the water came from.
June 26, 2009
So, is this new tubing park open this summer? Is it a swimming tubing park or a snow tubing park? I am moving to Macedonia Saturday and would like to find a place to swim outdoors next week that is near by. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Joey S
March 25, 2013
I snowboard at both resorts and I have also been to Utah and 7 springs. I have to say they are surprisingly good for an east cost-mid ohio resort. They of course can't be compared to out west or the Appalachian mountains, but they are good to learn at. I would also like to mountain bike at the "resorts."

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