What’s New for 2007: Snowshoe Mountain Resort 11
Author thumbnail By M. Scott Smith, DCSki Editor

Last winter, a third high-speed quad was installed at the far edge of West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain Resort, and this winter, that lift will service three new trails. On March 27, 2007, Snowshoe announced that it is partnering with the Sawmill Village residential development company to invest $1 million in construction for the new trails. The trails will be adjacent to Sawmill Village and the existing Widowmaker slope. Originally, Snowshoe planned to cut two trails, but decided to add a third one in August. The three trails will be rated expert.

“The development of new terrain is something that our guests and homeowners have been asking for and this is a great opportunity for us to deliver,” said Bill Rock, vice president and general manager of Snowshoe Mountain.

Trail construction began this spring and will continue throughout the summer to ensure opening with the 2007-2008 winter season. This represents the first trail expansion at Snowshoe since 2004, when a few trails were widened. Prior to that, the last major trail addition was in 1998, when Shay’s Revenge was cut to give the previously-lone Cupp Run trail a neighbor in the Western Territory. That year also marked the installation of Snowshoe’s second high-speed lift, the Western Express.

Located in the main basin area of Snowshoe, the three new trails will have a vertical drop around 800 feet. The trails have been named Camp 99, Sawmill, and Sawmill Glades. Sawmill Glades will provide Snowshoe’s first glade skiing.

Last season, Snowshoe partnered with the Soaring Eagle Lodge to construct a new high-speed chairlift, replacing the older fixed-grip Widowmaker lift.

“We feel that it is critical to provide our investors an experience that warrants their desire to build custom homes at the top of Snowshoe Mountain Resort,” said Tom Tretheway, Sawmill Village’s developer and general contractor. “By forming this partnership, we feel our development will continue to grow alongside Snowshoe, and our investors will benefit in terms of increased resort amenities, such as trails, snowmaking, lifts and events.”

Three new trails will join Snowshoe Mountain Resort for the 2007-2008 winter season. Image provided by Snowshoe Mountain Resort.
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Reader Comments

April 2, 2007
I look forward to more trails! There is only about 600ft skiable vertical on that part of the mountain, so they won't be long trails. However the fast lift will mean that plenty of vertical can still be racked up. What they really need is a long winding green -- maybe that will show up at a later date. There sure is plenty of good terrain over there, and the exposure is ideal as well.
The Biz
July 17, 2007
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DCSki Reader
August 11, 2007
Some more difficult terrain like this will be a very nice addition to the Basin side of the ski area. I'm guessing the glade was the additional "trail" they decided to add in August. That will give advanced skiers something special to look forward to. Hmmm, might have to get out there next winter.
August 11, 2007
Yup, the glade is the third trail they decided to add.
August 20, 2007
I thought the original trail map showed a blue trail going in there, but I know see it's two expert trails.
August 20, 2007
I thought the original trail map showed a blue trail going in there, but I know see it's two expert trails.
August 20, 2007
That's right. After cutting the trails Snowshoe has decided they'll be blacks.
The Colonel
August 27, 2007
The main thingis more terrain at the SHoe.
The Colonel
August 30, 2007
Your right, and considering the lack of skiing ability of Snowshoe's southern guests, maybe they figured by labeling them black it would keep a few more people off of them, or the ski patrol less busy.
September 14, 2007
Finally, a couple of new black rated trails in the basin side, including some tree skiing. Can't wait to test them this winter. Now, if they could find a way to cut a couple trails in the 1,500 feet vertical of the Western Territory...that would be fantastic!
September 16, 2007
it is gonna be awsome this winter. it would be more than awsome. if snowshoe were to build around the lake at the bottom of the base. as well as the western express.

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