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Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Vertical drop:750 feet
Skiable acres:285
Longest run:1.25 miles

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is located in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, not far off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Seven Springs is an hour east of Pittsburgh.

One of the most popular resorts in the region, Seven Springs offers a diverse collection of slopes, trails, and glade areas. Thanks to its location, Seven Springs is blessed with an average annual snowfall of 135 inches, which it supplements with snowmaking. The resort features seven terrain parks, and has been recognized as home of the #1 terrain parks and pipes on the East Coast by readers of TransWorld SNOWBoarding and SKI magazine.

Two 6-seater high speed lifts help shuttle visitors efficiently to the top of the slopes. The resort runs a strong Snowsports School, providing a wide variety of professional instruction for skiers and boarders of all ages. While the skiing and snowboarding are great, Seven Springs is a true destination resort, providing a wide variety of activities on- and off-slope including the largest snow tubing park in the region, a full-service spa, year-round sporting clays, bowling, miniature golf, two arcades and an indoor pool. In the spring, summer, and fall, Seven Springs offers a full canopy tour, a zipline course, an 18-hole golf course, a large outdoor pool and much more.

Taylor Gold performs at the Burton US Open Qualifiers at Seven Springs in February, 2013. Photo by Jeff Patterson.

Key Statistics

Resort Name: Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Vertical Drop: 750 feet
  • 35% beginner
  • 40% intermediate
  • 25% advanced
  • Skiable Acres: 285
    Longest Run: 1.25 miles
    Lift Capacity: 24,900 per hour
    Lifts: 11 (2 high-speed "six packs", 3 quads, 5 triples, 3 conveyors, 1 rope tow; 2 conveyors in tubing park)
    Night Skiing: Yes
    Terrain Park: Seven terrain parks.
    Halfpipe: Olympic-size Superpipe with 22-foot walls.
    Tubing Park: Yes
    Address: 777 Waterwheel Drive
    Seven Springs, PA 15622
    Phone: (800) 452-2223 (reservations) or (800) 523-7777 (snow conditions)
    Latitude: 40.022093
    Longitude: -79.293823
    10:15 pm on February 11 / Latrobe / Westmorland
    9° F
    Wind Speed:5 mph
    Barometer:30.26 in
    Dewpoint:-2 °F
    Visibility:10.00 mi
    Sunrise:7:17 a.m.
    Sunset:5:47 p.m.
    Excellent snowmaking conditions right now. 

    Weather supplied by the National Weather Service. Errors or reporting delays may be possible.

    View weather forecast for Seven Springs
    Snow Conditions at Seven Springs:
    Seven Springs
    Today at 5 am
    Machine Groomed 34-56" base 33 of 33 trails open
    11 of 14 lifts open

    News about Seven Springs

    Distressed about the Lack of Snow? DCSki Presents Pictures of Snow.

      December 23, 2015 - There was once a time when it snowed in the Mid-Atlantic in December. Sadly, this is not one of those years. On Christmas Eve, temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-70s — possibly smashing records. As a public service, and to help you get through the next couple snowless weeks, DCSki presents this series of photos showing snow.

    El Niño Presents Challenge for Mid-Atlantic Ski Areas

      November 16, 2015 - It’s not too easy to run a ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic. Some winters bring banner amounts of snow, while others bring 70-degree days in the middle of January. With natural snow a wild card for all but the highest-elevation resorts, local ski areas live or die based on the amount of artificial snow they can make — and that requires low temperatures and low humidity. With another El Niño weather pattern settling into place, long-range forecasts suggest this could be a challenging winter for many Mid-Atlantic skiers and resorts.

    What’s New for 2015: Seven Spring and Hidden Valley Resorts

      November 15, 2015 - Sister properties Seven Springs and Hidden Valley Resorts pulled out the checkbook this winter and made a significant expansion to their snow grooming fleet: Seven Springs purchased four brand new Pisten Bully 400 ParkPro snowcats, while nearby Hidden Valley added two Prinoth BR 350s to its fleet. These groomers will help the resorts maintain their reputation for excellent snow quality and grooming. Seven Springs is also becoming the first downhill ski area in the state of Pennsylvania to offer uphill travel access.

    It’s On: The Ski Season Kicks Off

      November 27, 2014 - The 2014-2015 ski season is about to kick off. While many people will be hitting the stores on Black Friday, diehard skiers and snowboarders will be pointing their cars away from the shopping malls and towards the mountains — where they’ll find a variety of ski resorts launching their winter season.

    What’s New for 2014: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

      November 9, 2014 - Pennsylvania’s Seven Springs Mountain Resort has kept busy with capital improvements over the past year. Enhancements include re-graded slopes, additional snowmaking, a new experience-based instruction program, and a new dining option.

    Upcoming Events

    No future events at this time.

    Seven Springs Webcams

    Note: Webcam images may not be up to date.

    View Seven Springs's official webcam page.

    Reader Comments about Seven Springs

    A poster
    2 years ago
    I agree with above. People need to be aware of how bad this place has become. It’s time for us to start educating the “tourists” about hidden valley.
    Anti nutting
    2 years ago
    Seven springs is nowhere near as busy as it use to be. Actually heard a rumor from a friend that works at valley who was told that so far they have well over 2000 new pass holders (told me that 2 days after they went on sale). And that number is getting bigger daily. If its that high at valley imagine what its like at wisp or blue knob. As i said before it would not surprise me if they went bankrupt for the winter months. It takes MILiONS to build a park structure such as theirs and if there arent enough paying customers they have 2 choices go bankrupt or get rid of the parks. After what we have seen has been prioritized this season i think the answer to that question is pretty obvious. Probably wont happen next season but it will in the near future.

    Ps. I have not been to a pirates game in 10 years
    2 years ago
    To respond to the comment above, its likely that anyone, myself included, who posts on a message board is wasting their time.

    That said, getting the word out that Seven Springs has become a second rate place to ski may benefit others who may contemplating spending hundreds or thousands of hard earned dollars on a visit to the resort. For the record Im also a former season ticket holder of the Pirates. I work across the street from PNC Park and wont walk through the gates even when offered a free ticket (which happens often) Ive held a season pass at Seven Springs for more than 30 years and this year will be my last.

    Yes the place is still busy on weekends but I know of plenty of frustrated customers who are now headed elsewhere. Unlike baseball fans, skiers have other options.

    For that minute sliver of the populations who wants a 22 half pipe, go immediately to Seven Springs. Youll have the half pipe to yourself.
    2 years ago
    Everyone complaining about how nutting runs his resort and threatening to go to another resort are wasting time. Nutting is running his resort just as planned. A money maker. This resort is not going bankrupt, on the contrary, it is making huge money. Yes the food is terrible, snow making terrible and only run to make snow for terrain parks, lifts not running on busy weekends (i could go on) but have you ever noticed it is always packed. He will never sell, and a few weekend skiers going elsewhere will not effect nutting one way or another. The people that complain most likely still go to pirate games.
    anti nutting
    2 years ago
    This used to be such a nice mountain. now its a poorly maintained, over priced ice rink with rocks dirt and beer cans all over it. only decent part of this mountain is the parks. I cannot wait to see this place go bankrupt so nutting will sell, but until then i’m Hidden Valley bound!!!
    X 7S Skier
    2 years ago
    They no longer care about what had been their core customer - loyal hard core skiers - folks need to find another mountain
    2 years ago
    I am so sad to see how poorly this resort is run now. It breaks my heart I have skied this mountain all my life and Bob has ruined it. They closed the mountain at 6 pm on one of the best days of the season. I have skied through rain from snow makers. Horrible grooming and not enough chairs open to get around the mountain. I don’t know who is advising on how to run the mountain, but they should be fired. I hate to do it but I will be skiing at Hidden Valley next year. I have heard raves about the snowmaking and grooming they are doing. Hopefully you don’t get involved there. You need to hire some good advisers PLEASE!
    2 years ago
    As others have mentioned, 7S seems totally snowboarder focused at this point. That half-pipe looks Olympic-grade, as far as I can tell. Not much else there is. Another way that Snowshoe is eating 7S’s lunch is food. The food at 7S is borderline inedible, and ridiculously expensive. Had lunch at the Foggy Goggle last week — a turkey sandwich and two beers: $35 after tip. I don’t pick ski resorts based on food, but when I went back today, I stashed my lunch and a couple of craft beers in the car. It’s a pain in the ass to hike back to the car, but it’s not even about the money; The turkey sandwich I brought was made with fresh bread instead of a “pretzel roll” that tasted like it was taken out of the freezer and microwaved. Regardless, every time I go to 7S I feel like I’m overpaying for everything, and it’s pretty clear that with skis on, I’m not their priority.

    One benefit of declining attendance: shorter lift lines.
    Joe B
    2 years ago
    Rode up on the North Face today with a guy that works at 7 Springs on the snow making crew.He pointed out the additional guns on the top of North Face as well as the water pipe that feeds them is new going from a 4” to an 8” pipe. Definitely better quality snow on the top of the usually very icy first pitch on North Face. Keep up the improvements.
    2 years ago
    Rant from former season pass holder…

    Where are all the cars Bob!

    I skied 7S on Thursday Feb 14, where has everyone gone Mr. Nutting?
    On only my 2nd day trip this season to 7S, driving from Wheeling Wv, I pulled into the parking lot on North Face at 10am, being a bit late for first tracks, I was worried I would have to hike a bit from my car, but no, I was able to park right in the front row! Where are all the cars?, where are all the people wanting for first tracks?. This is the middle of Winter, nearly a blue bird day with wonderful new soft groomed snow all over the slopes every where you looked and every where I skied!

    I remember in years past, on a wonderful day like this, people would play hooky from work or school just to be here. And the midweek pass holders would be out in droves. Again I ask, “Where are all the cars Bob?”

    Bob, I noticed your not running Tyrol lift midweek, or was it just broken down? Did the men that run the lift not come to work that day? I wonder Bob, you know its very difficult to ski the Front Face with just Avalanche lift running, Seems like the resort is lacking in skier service.

    Oh wait, I did notice one lonely skier taken advantage of the large piles of snow you have made on Alpine Meadows, he seemed quite happy with all that effort you made there, all by himself. For myself, I could only think of the lack of base I seen on Giant Steps and Gunner, It didn’t look like the base could survive much of a spring melt.

    Again I ask, where are all the cars Bob?

    Bob, I want you to watch Facebook this week, Snowshoe’s Facebook page to be exact. On the 19th of February they are announcing a killer season pass deal!.

    Bob, I think those hillbillies from Southern West Virginia have figured it out. Lower the price of admission to play on the snow and more people will come, more people will fill the parking lot, more people will consume more food and drinks. More people staying at the hotel. More lifts will needed to run, because there is more people on the slopes.

    Bob, I’m sorry I couldn’t afford your season pass this year. In years pass, I was able to afford both your season pass and Snowshoe’s season pass. Things being hard these days, I made the choice of Snowshoes season pass, the early purchase deal.

    Bob, I hope you understand…..

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