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Ski Area in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania
Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

Barry Messner, Fire Chief of the Honey Brook Fire Company, writes that there used to be a ski area in Honey Brook off Beaver Dam Road, across from the Tel Hai Retirement Community.

Ski patch from Honey Brook Hill. Photo provided by Woody Bousquet.

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joe Cunningham
9 years ago
Wick’s Ski Shop in Exton has a cool poster for Honeybrook in their shop
Robert Mitchell
9 years ago
I know of this Ski Area. Family friends had a home / cabin on the fire break trail, we spent a lot of weekends here target & skeet shooting along with picking fresh berries along the edge of the ski slope. We used to walk over to what was known in the 70’s as the “Cube” it was a masonry structure that had bunks and a common room with a cozy fireplace. A little rough around the edges by today’s standards. There was an “A-Frame” structure at the base that was the lodge.
Woody B
9 years ago
Just added a “Ski Honey Brook Hill. Honey Brook, PA” patch to my collection, and sent a scan of it to Scott at DCSki.com. Hope others can add a brochure, photos, etc., so we can learn more about this place.
Philip Brown
9 years ago
I remember riding dirtbikes at this hill long after it was closed down. Robert is correct about the block building & the “A” frame. As I recall there was a platform “lift” on the west side of the hill that was pulled / pushed by cables. the cables were powered by a Caddilac Motor in a small block building.
Philip Brown
9 years ago
I’m thinking it wasn’t a caddilac motor. I’m confusing that with another childhood memory. I do remember seeing an engine in a small cinderblock building that moved the “lift Platform”. The platform looked like a big sled with hand rails to hold onto as it was drug up the hill. Has anyone else seen this? It was the early 70’s when we would ride minibikes up there. Does anyone know what is at that spot on the hillside now?
Martin Farricker
8 years ago
I used to ride my mini-bike on that hill as a kid, too (1974?). I think it was a Volkswagen engine inside the “cube”.
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