Bluebird days deserve words and raves.
Near Berlin, Pennsylvania

Dave Panza writes:

    “One ski area not on your site is a small area only lasting about a season or two called Calimont. It was located near Berlin, Pennsylvania, just southeast of Somerset. When I was patrol leader at White Mountain we had a ski patrol test there to help them get some exposure. Don’t know whatever became of it; it was a small, narrow hill; I don’t remember the vertical.”

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DC Ski Reader
9 years ago
On the topo east of Berlin there is a ski lift marked on the ridge line. Based on the topo looks like one slope and about 200 feet of vertical.

Skistats lists a double lift at 2007 feet long with a vertical of 313 feet and a 1972 install.
9 years ago
To paraphrase an old comedy sketch by The Frantics

“Calimont, beuuutiful Calimont. You know, it’s actually near Macdonaldton. Keep that in mind, and you won’t spend a day and a half hiking all over Calimont and Wittenburg, PA….. worst day and a half I ever spent. “
Douglas Hoehn
9 years ago
Although I never skied Calimont, I did hunt on a nearby State Gameland with a buddy who grew up in Berlin and told this story of Calimont. Two local businesmen started Calimont because of steep terrain and abundant snowfall. Seven Springs and Hidden Valley were having good crowds elsewhere in Somerset County. The first year went alright and the second year actually turned a good profit. The one businesman was hopefull and they sold some lots. The other businesman took the profits and his wife on a vacation to the Carribean. End of Calimont
Laurel Hill Crazie
7 years ago
Found this listing in an old Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article listing local ski area in 1971 claiming 400 vertical with 1 slope and a chair lift slated for next season (1972):,4354176&dqblueknobskiarea&hlen
6 years ago

does anyone have pictures or more information about the Callimont ski/golf area by 160 that was in the 1972-1974’s??

My husband and i bought the complex and my brother owns the golf course. I am trying to find pictures from the 70’s of “house”.


6 years ago

of OUR “house”


6 years ago


The Callimont ski area was only open for 2 seasons i hear. My husband and I currently are remodeling the original¬†6 apartment complex. I’ve only heard of stories and of the history of our new home. I am looking for anyone that was apart of the building process in the 70’s. I am looking for newspaper clippings/photos etc. of our house also. Can anyone help??

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