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Camp Soles
Rockwood, Pennsylvania

Affiliated with the YMCA, Camp Soles once offered downhill skiing, according to DCSki reader Bill K.:

    “Camp Soles is a 263-acre camp including an 18-acre lake, and it once had downhill skiing until 1975. There was a poma lift and an elevation change of around 300 feet. This site is located off Barton Church Road. Its address is Camp Soles, 134 Camp Soles Ln Rockwood, Pa 15557 814-352-7217. It is associated with the YMCA of McKeesport. This location is only a few miles from Kings Mt - another lost downhill ski area. It is on the east side of Seven Springs Resort.”

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8 years ago
I talked to the owner this past weekend. He has all parts of the rope tow intact and plans to rebuild it either later this season (season of 2011-2012) or next season (2012-2013) He found the parts in the ski lodge at the base of the ski hill.
8 years ago
Camp soles is open…
6 years ago

This is a video capture of an 8mm movie shot during the 1950’s when Camp Soles first operated for skiing.  Pictured are my father (Red Cap), Uncle (Red Parka) and a friend of theirs (White Parka).  Although I can’t personally confirm that this is Camp Soles, my mother confirms it was taken there due to their many  visits and the terrain and lake at the base seems to correspond with the geography of the hill used for skiing at Camp Soles.

Link to YouTube



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